Ore Twintails ni Narimasu: Episode 2

Kind of a chore this time.


Well this week starts off simply enough, with Twirl and Soji in his room, with Aika bursting in chasing the pair after being left behind on the battlefield.

Here we get a slight explanation as to the motives of the villains (while seamlessly sidestepping “Why must Soji turn into a girl?” question yet again, hopefully this isn’t a set up for a very lame joke).

The aliens are after a power source called “elemela”, which Twirl calls an “Attribute Strength”. Twirl defines it as a person’s love for something specific.

But why  a twintails fetish and NOT something stronger, Aika asks, like love?  Twirl’s answer is rather ingenious.  Love is an instinctual process, it is a product of evolution and thus common to all people. But the Ultimagill are psychic vampires, and they feed on mental energy.  Thus, this attribute strength, being more learned behavior and thus more conscious in nature, is something they prefer as an energy source.

Which, in a moment of this show being better than it deserves to be, ties into last week’s points about the Tailred powers being tied to Soji’s wishes, tied to his will. Conscious desire trumps knee-jerk reaction.

Now the exceptionally goofy part, of all attribute strengths, the love for twintails exceeds all others in power.

*Glances over her ecchi folder*

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