Noragami: Episode 11

You can have a Hiyori in any color, so long as it’s pink.

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More catch up!

Noragami begins this week with a flashback.  In it we finally establish Rabo, a fellow god of calamity who roomed with Yato for a time, doing jobs together and the like. Just their jobs always involved slaughtering people.  And we see he’s still at it today, massacring people openly in the street.

Coming back from the intro, Hiyori does seem to remember Yukine, but not Yato.  Er…damn how does that work now? She knows Yukine is dead, right? Sooo…what, she just doesn’t know about the Regalia thing?

Yukine and Yato are later stumped. Stumped? Wasn’t the ONE thing on Yato’s mind last episode that he should cut her ties with him? Yet he is completely unable to see it right in front of him?

All the usual anti-amnesia tricks apply. Yato shares stories and pictures in an attempt that Hiyori’s memory arrives.  But she politely humors them, and goes about her business with Yukine.

Time for more drastic measures.

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Noragami: Episode 7

*Twitch, twitch*


There’s nothing wrong with averting expectations. I want to make that very clear before I explain a little grudge I have against the finale of this episode.  But in so doing, you need to do -something-, because otherwise you feel like you’re treading water.  And really that’s the feeling I have right now: that Noragami is stalling for time.  Or, even worse, is more aimless than it originally let on.  Which was pretty aimless to begin with.

However an important part of this week comes at the very begining, that of greying the sides in this conflict between Yato and Bishamonten.  We meet the latter at her bath with her regalia, Kazuma.  Kazuma is relieved that his master is set on getting rid of the phantoms she feels responsible for. He raises his voice at her, but she is already planning to take care of them first before going back after Yato.

After the credits roll Hiyori is bringing snacks to Yukine.  It doesn’t exactly bug me, it certainly helps with the masquerade and all, but this is really just all part of one big point to mess with your expectations.  Nay, to turn your expectations into desires.  I’ll explain this when we get to the REAL crime this episode.

Anyway, Yato is waiting for her instead.  Yukine ran away, and Yato doesn’t really care, so long as he’s around when the monsters show up.

Surmising it’s most logical that Yukine be at Tenjin’s, Hiyori goes there. Yukine WAS there, but Tenjin turned down making him a regalia.  The reason would be he would become a Nora.  It seems to be a title, not a specific name (though perhaps one inspired the other).  Now, Tenjin’s regalia blush as if he’s talking about something dirty, thus reinforcing my opinion of Tenjin as a dirty old man.  This explains why Nora had SO MANY marks on her arms and legs. Nora aren’t trusted because they have divided loyalties.

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