About Us

Be warned, ye pirates, for you sail into uncharted waters.

Welcome to my corner of the anime review blogging…quintillia-hedron?  It’s gotta be huge by this point with so many people having individual corners.  Well this is one of the most cynical corners, to be sure.

Not much is known about mystery blogger DataportDoll.

Other than the fact that you can call her Anna. We’re all friends here on the internet.

Here you will find me ranting and raving (more ranting than raving) about current-season anime that I am watching.  There are navigation menus above for you to select a specific series to hear my thoughts. Simple, right?  I do not cover all the series I am watching in depth, only those where I feel my voice is contributing to a community discussion. The posts you see are essentially my thoughts in “real time” about an episode. They are not intended to be objective, just my viewpoint. As such they are really rushed through, so they are all just first draft ramblings. Sorry about that. I hope to entertain and provoke thought as compensation.

I am not concerned with the following.

-Staff history/name drops

While these elements are mentioned from time to time, it is only when they are on the extremes of good or bad that I will actively reference them.  But on the whole these elements influence my enjoyment of media very little.  In the case of studios and directors, while they may adjust my expecations a bit, I am always willing to give everyone a chance, if only for the fact sometimes the sun shines on a dog’s ass.

So if you are looking for opinions on “Will the next ten years for Deen be the same as the last ten?”, don’t look here.  I just can’t be bothered to police internal studio politics in newsfeeds all day.  Sorry.

“So,” I hear you asking, “What are your areas of focus, Anna?” It is the following.

-Story engagement, the emotional impact of a work
-Story structure, the mechanics and themes present behind the script
-Consequences of the narrative, particularly the works of speculative fiction.
-Characters. Even the absence of plot will not kill a show with solid characters.

Expect to see lots of speculative fiction works here.  Paranormal, science fiction, magical girl, and action series make their way through my filter a lot.  Slice of Life, ecchi, and romance works not so much.

Expect to see lots of commentary from a historical, theological, and political angle, along with that of the LGBT viewpoint, as those are areas I am interested in, and in the case of the latter, my personal viewpoint.  If applicable, of course.

For all intents and purposes, this blog is Rated R, mostly for language. And a healthy dose of sexual humor.  Not each post needs that label, but it’s a healthy expectation to have.

So, if you aren’t convinced I am too out of the way for you, here are some more details about me to dissuade your confidence.

-I am not very active in fan communities. I have some reviews on MyAnimeList, a couple fanfics (but mostly for Kingdom Hearts), and I occasionally open up 4chan. But on the whole, I don’t know what people are saying about X or what they are thinking on Y.  My viewpoint is from an enthusiastic, but rather isolated viewer, who knows what she enjoys but doesn’t sit waxing philosophic about it all hours of the day.  If I was, I wouldn’t need this blog as an outlet.
-I do not watch Bleach, abandoned Naruto long ago, have never seen One Piece, Fruits Basket, or Attack on Titan, and have no plans to in the future.
-Similarly, I have never listened seriously to the Beatles. They don’t appeal to me. As far as I am concerned they can all choke to death because we could use the break from the cable news cycle. That will be their contribution to my life.


8 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I see you enjoy being a controversial individual. I can imagine you “assuming a certain position” every time you review something you loathe with a passion. Do not ask what that position is. It is one where the reviewer is filled with an unrivaled rage. Let’s leave it at that.

    Other than that, I see you follow a “Controversy creates cash” approach to your episodic analyses and reviewing, always demanding the best of anything you see.

    Anyway, nice to meet’cha.

    • Thanks for the hellos ^__^ And, hey, if my let-ons haven’t been illuminating I assume plenty of positions when I’m getting ready to torment something. …Wait.

      I admit to maybe hamming up my natural cynicism for comedic effect =P

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  3. Dear Anna
    I love your reviews, especially the way you dissect plot and characters in terms of their emotional meaning, it keeps things from feeling arbitrary.
    However, what has really captivated me is your top ten list, I keep checking it every couple of days, and although I can probably guess half of your list, I really want to hear you talk about what you love and why you love it, its the most inspiring and best part of any anime blog (In my humble opinion) your blue steel post has definitely been my favorite so far.
    If Im going to be brutally honest, its kind of disappointing though, that you spend so much of your blog writing about sub par works. I dont need to be kept away from anime I usually have never heard of, I want to be told about an unexpected jem, or told about something with poor recognition and being convinced with intelligent reasons why I should love it
    I just really want to hear more about your favorites

    Thanks for the awesome blog

    • Aww, why thank you!

      Number 8 is going to be out this week. It’s been a big roadblock…you’ll see xD Shouldn’t be this slow again until the final 3.

      But I think the centerpiece here is always the same: shades of grey. I like slamming popular series and praising bad ones. Storytelling’s an important art, and it still exists in mobs of titties. xD

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