Blog in Shutdown

I had truly hoped to get back on track this season. There are so many great shows I feel the most excited about being able to critique stuff than I ever have been since I started this little enterprise.

Unfortunately, certain events have been in motion and the likelihood of me turning homeless before the end of the season is the likely end result. Yes, for those who remember last summer, again.

If my situation should improve, I’ll return. Until then, I’m too distracted to keep up here. I’ll continue to peek in on all of your articles, of course. And maybe ramble my ramblings there. Β Thanks for supporting the rantings of a crazy woman so far, I hope we’ll get to pick up this journey again.


One thought on “Blog in Shutdown

  1. I hope we do get to pick up on this journey again indeed. I’ll always have the cafe light on and the door unlocked and opened for business here if you ever want to drop in and even say hi. I hope you’ll get the time to continue blogging, and until we next meet, I also hope you’ll have happy days πŸ™‚

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