Death Parade: Episode 3

You ride upon perfection; You ride upon the tears of newbs.


This week begins with a scene of two little kids waving goodbye to each other. I’m sure this won’t end tragically for them.

After credits, wake up with your male lead this episode, Miura. They get the same explanation as Takashi and Machiko did last time, with the added bonus of the intern counting down the rules. She’s been here for some time by now, it seems.

Our lady protagonist, though, can’t remember anything. She doesn’t know her name, nor what she was doing before she died.

A good time to use this card, by the way.  Last time, Decim had said this game only exists for souls who died in the same related incident.  While we have no reason to presume he was lying, we still don’t TECHNICALLY know if we can believe that point yet, so it’s a little thing to stir the suspense.

Decim tells her she will probably remember more of her life’s details if she plays the game.  She concedes, and Miura, having the hots for her, goes along with it.

Bowling! And each bowling ball is the opponent’s heart. Complete with body temperature and pulse rate. Generally, things go amicably, and we see that, at least for Miura’s end, he was the boy we saw in the opening scene, but that girl he played with disappeared long ago.  This girl reminds him of her, but that’s probably impossible.

Miura makes a wager. If he wins, will she go out with him? How cute. This certainly won’t spiral into a bout of homicidal rage.  At this, the girl begins remembering things. She remembers Miura, vaguely, but as an adult. So that’s curious.

But her next flashback is that childhood scene. It IS the same girl! Well don’t that beat all.  They’re both overjoyed for this. I’m sure this won’t end in obsessive stalker behavior for either one of them.


Decim whispers something in the intern’s ear, and she seems shocked, comically so. I’m sure this won’t end….sorry, I can stop now.

But, now it’s Miura’s turn for a flashback. He apparently brought his friends to a bowling alley to hit on the cute girl (who is of course our heroine Chisato). But as he went to a different high school than them, they have a dirty little secret! I’m sure it’s legitimate dirt and not contrived, stupid crap like the last pair.

…I broke my promise.

And here’s the turn…Chisato isn’t Chisato, but Mai, the third member of the little kid adventuring party. She was misremembering. Miura has remembered, too, that they’re dead. But they still want to have their date before they depart. In the best joke of the series so far, Decim agrees. For five minutes.  I love his deadpan humor.

The secret is, Mai left school to have plastic surgery. Ohmai. How awful of her.

So Miura and Mai both get to reincarnate, where they’ll meet up again in the next life. I guess.

These are interesting tales to follow along with, but if I had to nitpick (which I do), it’s that these aren’t mysteries. There aren’t any clues laid out to us, not really. So thus, when a surprise occurs it’s just a feeling of “Oh, that happened”, without a lot of foreshadowing and ability to see. I mean, sure, we set up there was a third friend.  But we also set up that Miura was in college, and that didn’t really have anything to do with jack.  These aren’t so much mysteries as just tales of discovery, which is fine, it’s engaging enough as is.  But I can’t help the nagging feeling that they could be more with just that little bit of extra effort.

As it stands, “Death Note does Obituaries” is a pretty entertaining ride for what it’s worth.


One thought on “Death Parade: Episode 3

  1. I hope we get to see more of Decim’s hilariously inappropriate sense of humour throughout the series. Contrasted with the rest of the show, which by nature seems pretty theatrical and over-the-top, it stands out simply by contrast but also works to balance things out a little. Not that I have any problem whatsoever with the sinister atmosphere, but I do love a character with such a wonderfully dry funny-bone and a good sense of timing to go with it.

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