Madan no Ou to Vanadis: Act 3

AT&T sucks.


Our blurb has nothing to do with anime today. Just expressing the past week of dealing with the internet.

Our cliffhanger was so many lies. The new priestess Battle Maiden almost instantly retreats.  Her “badass exchange” with Roland isn’t anything to really preen about either. (“Is this wall of light magic?” No shit, Roland.)

But it’s okay, honestly, as this plays into her archetype, as she was just buying time before vanishing like a ninja. Two things of story signifiance then happen (right?), we flashback that Roland is oh-so-obviously being misled about his King’s intentions. Seems the old guy’s been sick for a while, so his evil viziers are basically running the show. Coming on the heels of this is that a new minor lord has joined the fight on Tigre’s side, outflanking Roland and forcing him to pull back.

Seems our new lord, Mashas, met Sophia, the preistess Maiden, when she saved him from assassins.  They came here as a unit to tell us “the king’s off his rocker”.  Tigre is not recovering well from his wound. Follow this up with some harem nonsense.

Roland is having second thoughts. He’s clearly a cautious man, demonstrated by his tactics.  Studying the political landscape more thoroughly, he is told Tigre has no real affiliation to Zchted beyond their recent alliance. This raises his eyebrow, as does the information that Thernadier is moving troops against Tigre’s lands in his absence dealing with Roland. We all see where this going, but at least to mix it up, Roland is consistent with his position as a landless general in that he is more concerned of the presence of a foreign army in his kingdom than he gives a shit about the nobles’ game of thrones nonsense.

Tigre, meanwhile, has arisen from his bed, compelled by his weapon to find this…misty temple thing. The resident goddess possesses Titties, because sure. Even goddesses want Tigre’s dick.

Actually she’s presenting him with a test. Shoot Titties, gain unfathomable power.

Well rather than just NOT shoot her, Tigre has to kaio-ken his arrow to explode JUST as it reaches Titties, blowing away all of her clothes. Of course, of COURSE that’s what would happen. For whatever reason, Tigre passes her test.

Why? What did THAT show that just NOT shooting her would?  Unless she was specifically testing if he HAD that ability to control his power so delicately. But if it’s, as she says, just showing his resolve, how is shooting an arrow KNOWING it won’t kill Titties any different morally from just not shooting Titties?


Back at the fight, Ellen and Sophia are double teaming Roland. Ellen unleashes her magical attack. You know the one. The powers that have registered the Battle Maidens as directly beneath the King of Zchted? The unstoppable Battle Maidens?

Ellen manages to wind Roland. With assistance from Sophia.  Go back to your security station, Worf.

Of course that was so obvious! Roland has a penis. He can’t be defeated by a mere GIRL! That would be ludicrous.

Naturally Tigre comes back! But nope, not even he can take Roland. That I didn’t see coming.  Roland does retreat, but mostly because his nagging doubts about the political situation make him uncomfortable releasing his full force.

Roland’s forces will be retreating back to their garrison at the western edge of the kingdom, but Roland himself wants to see Tigre to the capital personally, leaving his second in command to handle his army.

But where one party member joins, another leaves. Ellen is returning to Zchted to help a fellow Swordmaiden, Alexandra, against another.

…Zchted’s politics become more and more confusing as time goes on.

Roland is dead. Yep. Seems the Prime Minister guy who seemed to be on our side had him executed. Damn. That’s cold, bra.

Now the real interesting part. Brune is being invaded by its southern neighbor, and Tigre splits his remaining forces. He leads his forces down south to pick side by side with Thernadier.  He isn’t cooperating, but they’re both after the same objective, so we see where this is going.

Tigre resorts to ambush tactics, and it goes fairly well for him. He spends a few days in the deserts before finally driving the enemy off by killing their commanders.

But, it’s not all ice cream. Turns out this was the advance force of the…sigh…Muslin army (sorry, that’s…what they’re called).  But at the last minute, we get an appearance. Ludmila has arrived to back up Tigre.


Episode 9 is mostly about Ellen’s battles to defend Alexandra’s region, whom she calls “Sasha”.  The faux-dominatrix Liza is attacking for…reasons. Women are petty, is the best I can take away.

And fickle, as just fighting Ellen to a standstill is enough to convince Liza to pull back and let Ellen return to Alsace.  Wow. Sure glad we went through all that trouble.  I’m sure this was just a cameo or something of the light novel (or, whatever this is based on…it smells of light novel though).  But it must have had a better execution somehow.

Ludmila is having the time of her life taking advantage of Tigre’s simpleness and helplessness, but in all she manages to concoct a mystery battle plan against Barbarossa, the Muslin commander.

I only sense one problem. Barbarossa came to prominence by defeating a fleet of 1,000 ships with 200. He’s set up as this military genius.  But that better mean Tigre and Ludmilla have a spanking new strategy to deal with him, something worthy of a guy with this much street cred.

In all, this act has been weaker than Act 2, but still…interesting enough.  It keeps my attention, but nothing really strikes at me to talk about, hence why this post is so much shorter than the last.  Maybe the finale can really pull through?  As of now, the real sync of politics and character development that defined Ludmila’s arc is now just gone.  I don’t know if that was a fluke, the scope of the series is too ambituous for the short run time (as Ellen’s vacation would indicate), or just simple incompetence that happened to strike it rich with Ludmila.

Whatever the reason, I had hoped this series could really come out strong, but as stands will likely end up a cute experiment.

Did I miss something?

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