Inou Battle: Episode 3


Why is the best stuff the stuff your show ISN’T about?


This week we open on a new character, Sagami, and Andou in their teacher’s room.  The pair get into a fight over what kind of nerds they are.  I love the teacher, Satomi. Can I say that? Her expressions perfectly mirror my own to this HILARIOUS comedy. She then does what many wish they could do with this show: Throw it out on its ass.

So, no doubt, this week Inou Battle embraces its harem elements entirely. Especially in terms of camera angles

Hey. Hey guys. Where’s your KILL la KILL “it’s being done ironically” shit now?

Perhaps that’s unfair. This is way worse than KILL la KILL ever was.  Between Satomi using her feet to grab everything and having conversations with the girls’ bare legs, this week is extremely obnoxious. We even get an upskirt on Hatoko.

Oh, it’s fine. It’s an underskirt. That’s not as embarassing as seeing panties, this is what underskirts are there for, after all.

Tomoyo then says that it doesn’t matter how he justifies it, no girl really likes getting peeped on.

…It’s a rare harem series that both bullshits its way through an upskirt, and then proceeds to tell us the protagonist was STILL morally repugnant.

It’s sports day, and OH GOD THIS IS BORING. Trigger how you so boring?

We then learn why Hatoko loves Andou: he stopped the kids from calling her a dumb nickname.  Oh, well…it’s a little trite but I’ve heard worse, and having a Hatoko episode will be…

Wait, they’re ALL going to explain why they love Andou now?  Really? We’re doing a sewing circle of how great Andou’s dick is?

Well to save us from this, is Andou.  Yep. Andou is the comic highlight of this episode.

I’ll just give us all a moment to let this sink in.


There’s a guy exploring the Literature Club who stumbles into Andou’s book. He’s been writing a little story it seems. The two of them…are actually pretty cute together.  Andou is the role of hopelessly out of touch chuuni, while our guest…no I didn’t catch his name…is a straight up parody of what South Park would call “the Vampire Kids” in anime. He dresses edgy, adorns his own handwritten story with a cross of St. Peter (interpreted here as luciferian, but it’s Japan I’ll let it slide), wears sunglasses, has silver hair, heterochomia…it’s actually pretty damn funny.

He is just as super dramatic as Andou, but HE is actually funny. If Andou was more like this guy, it would make the comedy so much easier to deliver.  It might actually make the comedy…you know…comedy.

He goes into a rather legitimate analysis of the chuuni phenomenon.  In simplest terms, it’s a stage of mental development where one feels themselves “special” from others, or somehow more knowledgeable than peers or even seniors. Everyone goes through it for a time, and it is pretty much as Vampire-senpai here explains it to us: It is a need for affirmation. It’s really nothing more than that. A person doesn’t feel themselves acknowledged by their society, so they inflate their self worth as a means of peacock feathers.

And we actually see where this goes for Vampire-senpai, when Tomoyo shows up and we find the pair are siblings. He grew up with Tomoyo’s family his entire life, but because he has a different mother than his father’s wife, he has used his mother’s family name.  So he’s basically our John Snow, and this might explain, at least in part, why he acts out this way.

And I’m not saying that there’s always a reason for deviant behavior and that it’s wrong.  But, in this instance, how many years in a developing person’s life does it take of being reminded “You are different” before they start believing it, and embracing it?

So, that’s the bright point, Vampire-senpai (whose name is actually Hajime).  He actually uses the phrase “Dark and Dark” in his goodbye address, so I have a feeling we’ll be seeing him again.

….aaaaand we can’t just let a good thing go. This actually brings us back around to the sewing circle as Tomoyo expresses her admiration of her brother…meaning…yep. She equates Andou with nii-san.  Sigh. Fuck you, show.

This episode was pretty awful. It was elevated briefly. More stuff like the Andou/Hajime scenes and we might get passable comedy.

Did I miss something?

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