Ore Twintails ni Narimasu: Episode 2

Kind of a chore this time.


Well this week starts off simply enough, with Twirl and Soji in his room, with Aika bursting in chasing the pair after being left behind on the battlefield.

Here we get a slight explanation as to the motives of the villains (while seamlessly sidestepping “Why must Soji turn into a girl?” question yet again, hopefully this isn’t a set up for a very lame joke).

The aliens are after a power source called “elemela”, which Twirl calls an “Attribute Strength”. Twirl defines it as a person’s love for something specific.

But why  a twintails fetish and NOT something stronger, Aika asks, like love?  Twirl’s answer is rather ingenious.  Love is an instinctual process, it is a product of evolution and thus common to all people. But the Ultimagill are psychic vampires, and they feed on mental energy.  Thus, this attribute strength, being more learned behavior and thus more conscious in nature, is something they prefer as an energy source.

Which, in a moment of this show being better than it deserves to be, ties into last week’s points about the Tailred powers being tied to Soji’s wishes, tied to his will. Conscious desire trumps knee-jerk reaction.

Now the exceptionally goofy part, of all attribute strengths, the love for twintails exceeds all others in power.

*Glances over her ecchi folder*

No argument here.


Twirl then doubles back on the “Why a girl?” question by giving a totally unconvincing answer that she simply prefers the female form. I’m not entirely convinced, and still wait for the other shoe to drop.

There are some hit and miss social gymnastics, along with backstory on Twirl’s homeworld, when suddenly Twirl plans to build a base beneath Soji’s house, and his mom is all over that.  She talks about how she wanted to be a hero once, but instead became a mother, so this is Soji’s big chance.  Aika tries talking her out of it, and without missing a beat mom replies that she once wished for a strange alien woman to come to her house when it suddenly takes a steamy romantic turn.


Aika has a moment of clarity when she tells Soji not to trust everything Twirl says. She points out that if Twirl’s tale of aliens taking all her world’s attribute strength were true, how did she get the core gem that forms the Tailred morpher? It is a curious question, and only deepens my suspicions that Twirl’s purposefully avoiding certain topics.

We get some gags of Soji going to school, nothing really stands out.  There’s the usual “trap” gags, which I’m sure we’ll have to suffer through more of.  Don’t get me wrong, I know the whole crossdressing/transgender thing can be amusing at times, but to me the gag has to go beyond “HA! Man in a dress!”  That’s just tired and shows a lack of imagination.  And so far Twintails’ comedy hasn’t exactly been wowing us.

Of course this only builds at the school assembly where the president says Tailred has stolen her heart.


Hey I can dream. I know they inserted the obligatory “Oh she wants it to be a boy” line. But I can dream yuri dreams.

Our episode ends on the head of the Ultimagill making his planetwide “do not resist us” blah blah blah.  Soji transforms all sentai style and heads off to fight!

Well I guess we’ll find out how….what? He’s dead already? Well that wasn’t a tough boss monster.  Rather a cute sentai gag though.

This week kind of suffered from its exposition.  Not that the exposition itself was bad.  On the contrary, it was better than it had to be.  But that left less time for humor and Twintails is kind of mediocre at the joke thing. The end result is there are fewer outright “ha-ha” moments to point to as high water marks.  So lacking the action elements to buoy the episode up this felt like a weaker one.  But it still has my optimism.

Did I miss something?

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