Newspost: 9/20


So, a few things we need to get to.

First: I will be moving (likely) next weekend or the week following. Until such time my schedule is full of cleaning and phone calls.  The #8 on Top Ten MIGHT make it out before I’m in Florida, but likely not til October, being realistic.

Which means! Autumn 2014 won’t start on the blog until after the move, as well.  Autumn schedule may be up soon (before 26th) but the reviews themselves won’t be until after I’m settled into the new place. Luckily there’s no shortage of things I really WANT to tackle this season. Summer ’14 has really been the weakest season in recent memory.

Of course this could all be scrapped if something bombs the move, as it’s expensive to move cross country and my family is dirt poor. >.> So there’s that.

Minor change: the drop-down menu will be updated with an archive section for seasons passed and the other categories on the blog, such as the stand alone reviews and Top Ten series.

Did I miss something?

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