Wild Card Update


Just a minor newspost. Slash, election.

I’ve been perusing the Summer releases and…and I am at my wits end.

It’s just all so…bad.  I can’t do it. I went into week 2 of Akame ga Kill ready to adopt it, but then VOOOM! crank the absurdity meter to 11!  I dashed into Blade Dance…for all of five minutes, I couldn’t stomach it. Arguably the WORST thing I’ve seen this year. And the setting is just not original for having one only-boy-in-a-girl’s-magic-school every season for the past 10 years. I might have been able to work on Momo Kyun Sword if I was much more familiar with the source mythos but I only have a vague passing knowledge that I can’t turn into comedy.

Nobunaga Concerto was…cute, but I don’t think I can do it an entire season. It’s just…more sameyness, another Jidai series, yay. Fake enthusiasm.

So, I leave it up to, the reader. Suggestions? Even if it’s something I badmouthed, give me an angle to approach it from and I’ll try! xD

I’d just feel really bad leaving the season at JUST Tokyo Ghoul, but that kind of seems how things are going to be right now.


5 thoughts on “Wild Card Update

  1. Well, my top two shows of the summer season are easily Zankyou no Terror and Barakamon. Though I also picked up Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun a few days ago and found myself far more entertained than I thought I would be.

  2. Aldanoah? aside from that i cant think of anything, though since you have a ST photo up there just gonna ask you enjoying the recent ST chapters? i am 🙂

  3. Barakamon is pretty good. Maybe Hanayamata, just for it’s cuteness( i had the same fluffy feeling from watching it like i had with Sakura Trick). As long as it’s not SAO2. 😉

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