The Mistress of Mean Returns!


Yes! The rumors are true, Isuke is having my baby.

No, wait, not that…

I’m back, and admittedly that was longer than anticipated.

So! Some details/adjustments/adaptations must be made…

First, KILL la KILL will, indeed, be up tonight.  Just polishing it. What passes for polishing on this diary of a crazy person.

Second, my trip lasted longer than expected along with psychotic problems at home (such as losing power for a time, the departure of a roommate, little crises) that I’ve gotten further behind.  So here is the approach I’ll be taking to getting caught up.

I’m doing the important shows first, followed by the ones I feel are just treading water.  The order of priority is (roughly)

Akuma no Riddle– The more focused arc is still going, but the asinine elements have adapted to their new environment.

Knights of Sidonia- Still strong and lots of great sci-fi about the nature of existence and so forth. Flowery language.


Black Bullet– Still choosing to be a show about loli fetish.

Blade and Soul-Ironically, there is way less to say about this show since it started developing its plot.

Gokukoku no Brynhildr-Ungh.

Everything below the line is optioned to be dropped, or rather, left incomplete.  I’m watching, but with the weeks passing by, I have so little say about these shows that, while it might be worth a chuckle, I am basically repeating myself with these shows.  Nothing stands out as “I must WRITE about this!” like say, Blade and Soul has been with certain episodes.

Particularly in Brynhildr’s case (but Black Bullet has been showing tendencies towards this) I’ve just been spouting the shit I’d normally save for the series recap. And, while it does keep us engaged week to week, it’s not actually profound or anything, let’s be honest, and can wait. So some series might end up with a few episodes missing or very-abridged word counts, but Akuma no Riddle and Sidonia will be completed (and hopefully caught up in time for the coming Thursday).


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