Newspost 5-29

Time for our quarterly check in!  Housekeeping and updates and nonsense.

First, and why this quarterly is so early, I will be leaving on a trip next week (next weekend, about the 8th, at the latest).  A family emergency has cropped up. So I am going to do my damndest to catch up the episodic reviews to be following the air times by hours so that when I DO leave, the impact to the schedule will be minimal. I may get some small chance to post an episode or two, but by and large this blog will be empty for a week.

Consolation prize, the long-delayed KILL la KILL recap will probably go up in this time, as the long ride home will give me nothing to do but write, so I’ll probably finish polishing that off and have it posted at my first chance.

Second, summer’s schedule will be up in the next few weeks, still waiting on final confirmation of the airing schedule before we commit, naturally.

What I can tell you about summer on DDA is that it is going to be laid back.  Between my injury a couple months ago, and a my upcoming trip (and the drama surrounding that), this season has been bonkers for the blog.  Since I am looking at the current schedule with a lack of enthusiasm, this seems like the best time to take it easy.  The heavy load for the blog is my own leash. Without it I might just stop posting altogether, that’s just my work ethic.  But I’ve been batting the idea around, and made the choice to finish this season out.  So, for this summer, I expect to do two, maybe three shows.

Three, I still hate Galilei Donna.

As always, many thanks to you guys for keeping the discussions going and to your parents for screwing you up enough to be entertained by a goth girl swearing at cartoons.

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