Black Bullet: Episode 8

Bring it on, shitcan. I’m ready.


What woman will throw herself at Rentaro’s pants this week? Whose smiles will be protected? Find out in this exciting installment!

We open on a soldier spotting a Gastrea at night, a defensive garrison on fire, and little bug Gastrea ripping him apart to blood splatter.

…Well, damn. Go on.

So Rentaro has been roped into being an elementary school teacher.


Naturally, Seitenshi has nothing to do with her day except visit this school in rubble.  I saw episodes of Mr. Rogers’ trips to the Land of Make Believe that didn’t challenge my suspension of disbelief as much.

Okay okay, she’s ACTUALLY here to see Rentaro since an emergency has cropped up.  Which kind of brings into focus the inanity of having your top Promoter as a schoolmaster. Not ONE person wanted to do this besides Rentaro?

What? Go on. I dare you to say it. Say it. “But you can’t take a random person off the street, they wouldn’t be qualified…”

Yeah. See?


So a Class 4 has sprayed some Gastrea cum on one of the monoliths.  The monolith will corrode in six days, or at least, it will be so damaged that it will cease to be functional.  But the emergency construction of a replacement is nine days away.

Question, sensei.  Did we never anticipate a monolith breaking or being damaged in this manner? Shouldn’t we have ONE in reserve?  After all, it’s the -construction- Seitenshi emphasizes, not the logistics of moving it.

Either way, three days is too much, and the experts predict that Tokyo would be overrun by Gastrea in the three day window.

…Emphasizing even more why we should have a backup on hand. Or perhaps arranging a barrier as to have overlapping fields of barrier.

Though, there does seem to be a gathering of Gastrea outside the barrier waiting for the opening.  It seems rather obvious some nefarious force is controlling the Gastrea.  And Tokyo is going to sortie to take care of the problem, Rentaro given the job of assembling a squad of Civil Officers for the assault.

…Why? Can’t we just summon people in like we did with the Kagetane inci-ah fuck it.

Tina’s living with Rentaro and Enju now. Because reasons.  How many minutes are we skipping here…six minutes of onii-san bullshit? Sounds right.  Oh, in a moment of HILARIOUS misunderstanding, Kisara thinks Rentaro and Tina had sex and threatens to call the police.

…That’s actually just weird enough to hold my attention, that the Black Bullet universe has pedophilia laws.

So we learn that the chief politician opposing the “Let’s not murder the only children capable of fighting the fifty foot zombie bugs” act was murdered, supposedly by a Cursed Child.  And conveniently, we meet a blind Cursed Child, whose story of how she was abandoned by her mother makes Rentaro wince with rage.


I know it’s morally repugnant, but at some point you need to get emotional armoring against the fact it HAPPENED.  It’s like this huge shock to Rentaro each time, to the point that there must be some amnesia plot going on.  Admittedly this is a pretty horrific case, that a girl was so shamed by her mother’s feelings towards her, that she burned out her eyes.

Also, it would have made way more sense for the moms to die in childbirth from complications.  I never pull this card, ever, in fact I even defended it in Sakura Trick, but the idea that with 100% certainty the maternal instincts will be abandoned, entirely, is such man writing.  I’m not saying they’d all be comfortable, I don’t even think it would be the majority, but some mother, SOMEWHERE, would try to live normally with her kid.  This blanket attitude is actually the worst.

I mean on the one hand, having the parent(s) die would be one thing. And this is admittedly a good use of the “my mother abandoned me because she hated what I was”, you can’t PLAY the angle of tween girl driven to depressive self-mutilation if she never had anyone she really cared about. But the blanket statement that this is the natural conclusion of such relationships lessens the blow. I mean for us, the audience.  Because we expect it.  It’s just a convenient source of pathos for the girls to explain why they latch onto Rentaro so easily.  Playing it the other ways, though, would make way more sense.  Hey! If the moms all died, we could say it was her DAD who abandoned her! Thus giving her daddy-issues for Rentaro to exploit! That’s what we’re after, after all, right?

Of course, I don’t trust this girl for a second.  First, look at that image.  She hears commotion outside, and she turns to look.  Second…SHE’S CARRYING A FUCKING SIGN! I do not care how good your handwriting is, you do not write up a begging sign like that if you are blind.

Anyway, we’re at Rentaro’s first recruit.  And his Initiator thinks Rentaro is an immoral pervert.

…Am I more shocked over the pedophilia laws earlier, or that a Cursed Child DOESN’T want into Rentaro’s pants?

Ah but we get our answer. This pair won’t join Rentaro (they seem to be brother and sister) unless he and Tina can kick their ass.  Which they do, and well…


Yes, lesbian lolis.

…Hmm? You want me to comment on it? Uh…’kay…that’s hot?

…I never said I was objective in my hate.

Honestly, I don’t know why this surprised me.

Well there you have it, we have our first team member!  Yeah, this was a lot of filler.  We could have very easily had Seitenshi summon the strongest remaining Officer pairs in the city (after that whole Kagetane killing a lot of the upper ranks) to her briefing, and had this little squabble there and then.  But I guess we wouldn’t have had loli pathos, I can see the dilemma.


7 thoughts on “Black Bullet: Episode 8

  1. I probably would have been relatively okay with the whole ‘Rentaro roped into being an elementary school teacher’ thing if the idea hadn’t been immediately screwed over by yet more jokes about breast size and pedophilia. I mean, I get perfectly well that Rentaro has zero interest in any of the younger girls in that way, and that’s great, but is it really something the characters (and the anime creators) are okay constantly making light of? Ugh.

    • I think the worst part was when the show opened on the Gastrea attack and my reaction was “Oh, right. That’s what the show’s about, isn’t it?” And from that…we went into Outbreak Company. I would be fascinated to find out what the hell happened between the first arc and now. Maybe the TV stations use the three episode rule and once they got that out of the way the guys pleasuring themselves over the lolicon rubbed their hands together, scheming.

    • Enju was definitely a strong point for me early on, I adored how she was handled (95% of the time). Now she’s just another face on Rentaro’s harem swiss army knife that he pulls out when faced with a problem. And now that he has Tina she’s a rather redundant tool at that. =\ I would love for them to have the female characters…you know…interact. But I don’t see that happening.

  2. I still have this suspicion that Cursed Children have the ability to turn into Kaiju-Gastrea – that can think rationally! If anything, I suspect the first gastrea to be the original Cursed Children who were little girls who got experimented on and turned into monsters inspired by Godzilla movies. Just so that the whole corruption-percentage of Initiators can be rendered pointless since that’s been used as a warning for Enjiu’s future at the end of the first arc. Actually… since the introduction of the terms of Initiator for Cursed Children and whatever else the human part of the partnership was called, nobody has actually used those terms. Mostly, of course, because Rentarou and Enju haven’t actually done the job they’re supposed to do since episode 01! And also because Rentarou miraculously is on a real fast lane career-wise since the audience started following his story in this series. From the looks of it, he’s currently THE guy to talk to when shit hits the fan in this haven.

    He’s asked to save Tokyo because a pillar fails so what does he do? He goes for a walk doing a pretentious monologue à la “I can’t believe this area will be overrun by Gastrea in a few days…”. That’s why the fucking albino-princess talked to you, you little dipshit! You’re supposed to stop that from happening and not getting all melancholic as if you’re writing generic Gothic poetry!

    And that little shit of a friend who’s like “Hey, guess what? I know this shithole will go all crazy in a few days but who gives a shit, right? Die happy, if you can’t die rich, I say! You know what I mean?”, well, fuck him! And his loli-partner should just move in with her if she wants to bang Tina that much, after all Rentaro is really quite the harem-male-lead-character anyway so one more female character in his flat doesn’t really make a difference.

    This show had a good start but it has been really going downhill from there…

    • You know I never thought of that before, but you’re totally right about the Promoter/Initiator stuff xD The semantics alone added complexity to the universe, that Rentaro was the person who held the attack dog’s leash, and that’s really how people viewed them. But of course, that would imply Enju was more important to the monster slaying than Rentaro, so we had to drop that in favor of “civil officer”, which just seemed like a legal term at first. Also, the ranks are damn confusing. They seemed to be strength-based, at first. which is why I could buy Rentaro was re-assessed at about 1000 when 1500 Shogen got murdered by Kagetane. Kind of a “oh, we need to measure from time to time to approximate where you stand.” Now, he can just get promoted ranks? And they are GLOBAL ranks since Tina was at 94 and that compares to Rentaro’s rank, but Seitenshi can just promote Rentaro to 300 on a whim? Or do we really believe politics aren’t involved in a system where higher rank means you can shoot a man’s finger off because you don’t like him personally? Maybe it’s just poorly written.

      And yeah, this was the most painful filler I’ve seen in a while. At least Walking Dead pretended that the farm was serious drama, here we’re just kind of like “Lul zombie kaiju at the gates, that would be boring.”

      • Series like this are terrible… I mean, they set up a world, characters with potential developments, a plot that could go somewhere interesting, all that set up with the first couple episode – and then the whole series simply deflated itself.

        > here we’re just kind of like “Lul zombie kaiju at the gates, that would be boring.”
        There was this moment in the sixth episode when Seitenshi talks with this other political leader who’s obviously villain-material and what they were talking about just baffled me. They talked about how to rebuild the world’s political structure and whether it should become some sort of Grand Council or turn it into a “survival of the fittest”-situation. But what they never even mentioned was the most important thing of that discussion: How do they plan to defeat the Gastrea?! It’s like the series doesn’t even care about its own setting and story.

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