Akuma no Riddle: Episode 7


Akuma no Riddle Episode 7 Subtitle Indonesia

Last week was a stellar outing.  Naturally, this week we return to the status quo.


We’re not even trying anymore, are we? Just some cryptic words out of Shutou’s mouth for our teaser.  Even the show is like “Fuck, you’ve seen her face, you know who’s getting offed this week. Credits!”

So, after watching a particularly convincing death scene at the play…Sensei is still not the least bit suspicious.  This asshole HAS to know more than is being let on.

…Maybe the underworld types backing this Black Class outsourced to the Gokukoku no Brynhildr universe for labor.  If he was from that show, I’d buy it.

Even Haru isn’t that naive.

Shutou’s position in the credits, immediately following Kouko, seems to have been more than coincidence, as she has a rather elaborate scheme.  She’s reserved the…I’d call it pool, but it’s a damn waterpark.  As the girls are going through lockers for swimsuits, Haru stumbles into her letter, and BAM! Shutou has a collar-bomb around her neck. She’s given Tokaku a riddle to solve to learn the code.

Interesting note, Nio picks a full-body diving suit.

Really, the interesting bit is between Nio and Isuke.  We get a glimpse as to why Isuke may have been holding back all this time, as she speaks with Nio about the Organizer’s true intentions.  After all, at the start of this thing, she couldn’t wait to get the hell out of dodge.  But hearing about Haru’s “curse” and fighting Tokaku, Isuke has been oddly content to just bide time and watch.  Here she probes into Nio’s defenses a bit, supposing that something is being tested, but she can’t put her finger on what.  Nio, evading at first, finally tells her to shut her mouth and stay in her place.

Savor it, dear viewers.  The rest is going to follow the normal formula.  

Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to mix the method of attack up, like this riddle game.  But…I still know how it ends.  Some of the turn arounds are cute, but on the whole it feels like killing time.  Especially because none of the riddles are ESPECIALLY clever, perhaps save the first one.  That was rather happy chance, though.  What if the girl’s HADN’T decided to play their game? Would Tokaku still have thought of it?  The overwhelming feeling this week is “Oh. How quaint.”

…Nngh, and the part that ruins it.  Sensei finds out today is Shutou’s birthday! Not really bad in and of itself…but this is going to be major later.  But the girls chase him off even while he tries to celebrate.

But Shutou doesn’t know how old she is.  This is part of her wish.  She has a condition that prevents her from aging. Like at all.  Judging by her memories, she has probably been alive some seventy years or more, eternally 17. She even lost someone she cared about when he couldn’t deal with it.  She wants a cure so she can age and die.

But Shutou’s trump card…no pun intended…is a card hidden in the waterslide that cages Tokaku.  In order to free her, Haru uses the final clue as a keycard to open the cage ebfore she drowns.  So one digit is missing.  Tokaku figures out that it could be the date today, July 14.  It is her birthday.

But, Haru points out, it is going to be the 15th, as Shutou said the person most important to her was born one day apart.

First…good job on guessing the direction.  Second, and far more important…

Really? No one falsified the records of a class orchestrated by the underworld where the students will be frequently killing each other?  We just…put all of our REAL data into the system?  This is the part that hurts most.  It just hurts the suspension of disbelief.

Shutou resigns, losing her game, even though she has like 36 hours left.  Sure, why not.

I’m still terribly bored by this romance I’m supposedly witnessing.  Please, lord, show me something interesting.


3 thoughts on “Akuma no Riddle: Episode 7

  1. Well, they probably altered the data in some format given that the sensei apparently failed to notice that Shutou is 87. Then again, he could be in on it as you say.

    Or he could be REALLY stupid.

    And I should also point out that the rules stated you get one attempt within those 48 hours. Shutou failed her one attempt when Tokaku beat the game. So… sucks for her, I guess.

    On the whole though, I do agree that the most interesting scene is when Isuke questions Nio about the whole thing. However, I did find Tokaku’s expression when she was reflecting over Haru’s “kiss” rather interesting because I think it might signal more development in their character. Of course, I’m only now going to watch episode 8 so I may be wrong…

    • Episode 8 was far superior to this mess xD But, trying to maintain the illusion of my posting as watching ^_~

      As for the romance thing…one little glance is nice and all, but this is officially (just over) halfway through the series, and personally there is nothing about this romance plot that grabs my attention. Which is generally okay, but it’s supposed to be the premise of the series, the powderkeg that sets off the whole “one protector” thing, and personally I’m still left wondering why Tokaku is willing to scrape Haru off her shoe, let alone fight a horde of killer high school girls. 8 improves this but it feels like episode 1 xD

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