Double Feature: Knights of Sidonia 6+7

After this I’m never trusting Japan with the giant robots who can save the Earth.


After a recap of pee the last few minutes of the rescue plot, we see a news report being watched by Kunato.  He seems to be moving past his knee-jerk reaction to Tanikaze.  Wow, that is just swell of him for such a complete douchebag until now!

Well Tanikaze is walking down the halls and everyone’s his super best friend now that he’s a hero.  Wow, you people sure aren’t shallow at all.

Kobayashi is having a council meeting with the immortal wiggling computer jackasses.  She rather openly mocks them.

So, a few things I’m still unclear of about this council.  They SEEM to be in charge, as they believe that they can just order Kobayashi to execute Tanikaze at their whim when he becomes inconvenient.  But at the same time we see she ignored their decisions for the route the Sidonia is currently traveling, and she openly mocks them for only caring about their own immortality.

…Admittedly hard to live forever when you’re walking through the Gauna’s backyard, Kobayashi.

Still, the fact that it’s implied Kobayashi knew this was a possibility suggests something to her motives, but what those are isn’t entirely clear yet.  And we see some of those in a discussion with her secretary, saying she may need to take drastic measures to deal with the anti-war movement.  The Gauna certainly exist, no one can argue that anymore like before, but the cost with the manufactured earthquake and shit is causing lots of people to reconsider their leadership’s stance.

…I’m going to be very disappointed if Kobayashi only wants a totalitarian society she can effectively control so she can masturbate over how everyone jumps when she tells them to.

…Actually that’d be kind of hot. I’m torn.

In recognition of their success, the trainee squad we’ve been following is promoted to full pilot.  Kunato even comes to bury the hatchet.  Wow, what a swell guy!

Well after confronting Kobayashi, she asks Tanikaze to be like “the Knights of Sidonia”, some mythical big types around here.

Some bonding between Tanikaze and Hoshijiro….yeah skipping this.

And then an alert on the bridge. Yes, the Mask here has brought us to a position where Gauna are fairly active, and we’ve run into what we might call  a “cluster”, some two dozen Gauna cores merged into a super-Gauna.   …Fuck.  Considering the Fourth War that nearly wiped out Sidonia was caused when two Gauna broke through defenses, this seems like a pants-soiling moment.

It’s a big operation, at least a few dozen frames are lined up for the operation.

Well episode 6 ends on a flash-forward, but episode 7 is going to show us what happened.  Needless to say I found this a lame cliffhanger.  It’s nice to see “drama!” of “how could you Tanikaze?!” when he wakes up post-battle, but if it’s not going to be a blank point in his memory, why go through this roundabout method?

Well, while the fight is good, the long and short of it is…Kunato uses a private a channel to set Tanikaze up to fail, sending his orders privately so he’s out of sync with his team.  Yes really.  A military that can record combat data enough to program simulations apparently doesn’t also have a black box.  This isn’t just moustache twirly douchebaggery, it’s absolutely contrived.  What’s the expression? No such thing as a private letter in wartime? I find it extremely strange that there is no recording or no way for Command to eavesdrop on the private channels, just in case such a situation occurs.  Wouldn’t you want to be able to record what happened during the battle for review at a later date? For a later generation, even, as we have with an entire generation of pilots who never engaged the Gauna, just to hear the Hell that it really is?

I don’t know why this is a sticking point for me, but god damn it annoys me.

And the fact that Tanikaze doesn’t try to fall back on this as a possibility seems to prove it to me.

Anyway, the big thing is…! Hoshijiro is dead, trying to save Tanikaze, only her sacrifice really was meaningless.

Well, you know how it is, Tanikaze’s gunshy and can’t get the old Kabizashi swinging, you know what I mean? Standard stuff. Oh, and also, people are back to throwing shit at Tanikaze.  Give it a rest, Japan.

Of note, Midorikawa is promoted to XO.  Wow. Straight out of the academy? That’s a bit of a big shift, isn’t it? You’d think the training program would be more extensive than three weeks.  Just a few months on the bridge, maybe? Ah whatever she’s settling into the role fine.

We find the likely planet the Gauna fled to after the battle to regenerate, a gas giant. Well Kobayashi says to blow that fucker up, kee-yaw!

…The ability to just blow up a planet is amazing as far as it speeds the tech level of this universe ahead. It’s a very visual representation of our relative tech level, which until now has seemed rather tame.  Sure the genetic engineering of a talking bear and photosynthetic people is different.  A squad is assembled, and we find…the three Gauna who survive are mimics of Hoshijiro’s frame.

…That thing about pants-soiling earlier? It applies double.

I have no doubt that Hoshijiro’s talk about how she believes the Gauna want to be friendly and that “we can’t communicate” thing is going to all blend together here. Still, going strong, Sidonia.

This Kunato thing is the big drag on these episodes. I would have probably REALLY enjoyed it, though, if he had been in love with Hoshijiro, and that was part of his hatred.  Maybe I love dramatic irony that way, but it would have been a great way to either drive him completely mental (as much as a guy who is willing to sacrifice all of known Humanity’s safety just to show he has the biggest dick isn’t already mental) or as an alternative, redeem him as he realizes being a dick has consequences.

Full smug, ahead, though.


Did I miss something?

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