Strike the Blood: Season 2 Summary

 You all know the drill.maxresdefault

Contrary to my overly elaborate summations and jackassery, this is just going to hit the major points of season 2 so as to make sure we’re all caught up.  Yes, the Strike the Blood recap is just around the corner.  And after that, yes, yes, KILL la KILL.

This is a very serious endeavor, and my readers deserve only the best. So I will be presenting the facts, and just the peer-reviewed facts as they appear in the episode. What? Stop laughing. This is serious. Completely.

Episode 13‘s highlights are showing us more of the technology that Humans are deploying to deal with magic.  It’s nice to remember once in a while the world doesn’t revolve around our heroes. Oh, right, Kojo adds another to his harem, childhood friend Yuuma.  The Princess and Theme Park Lesbian are trapped in some teleporting magic, which eventually sucks Kojo off in, so we know it isn’t localized to them.  Himeragi continues to be a bitch, blaming Kojo for his fanservice accidents and in the next breath explaining why it wasn’t his fault.  Also, Natsuki is missing, causing Astarte to attach herself to our heroes.  Oh, and Kojo switches bodies with Yuuma, but that won’t be important.

Episode 14. Himeragi continues to be a bitch. We confirm that Yuuma is a witch because Kojo just happens to attract all these magical harem members even before he was a vampire.  She’s in league with the incest witches who are making space-time their bitch.  I like Octavia, though, arrogant and proud, and any witch named Octavia wins points (the use of the word “Labyrinth” in this arc though…). And their familiar is a tentacle demon. These are witches after my own heart. The new OP blows.

Episode 15: Now that we know Yuuma’s a bad guy, we could end this farce is 15 seconds.  But if we did that, Kojo couldn’t save Yuuma and have her fawning over him even though Himeragi did all the work.

Episode 16: Yuuma’s mother escapes, killing Yuuma by seizing the Blue Knight guardian.  The only person they trust with this is Kojo’s mother…who ends up being even creepier than the mom from Mirai Nikki. Natsuki has gone into hiding of sorts, wiping her own memories this time fully a little girl with no knowledge of her powers.  As long as she’s alive, the prison system is still active, so the criminals powerful enough to escape join Yuuma’s mother on the hunt.  This counts as the interesting episode of the arc.  We also have a confrontation between Nagisa and Vatler, showing off those powers she demonstrated in the terrorist arc.  She has power over a familiar, though Vatler gets it, it’s unclear to us still if she IS a familiar or the essence of the old Progenitor or what.

Episode 17: Shocker, a second good episode in a row. What show am I watching?  We are treated to some of the convicts chasing Natsuki, ultimately stopped by none other than Vatler.   He offers to guard Natsuki at his estate, probably to use her as a spider web for more amusement, but with Vatler, we never know.  Fights are good, if not rather brief.  We also learn Yuuma’s mother actually knows how to break the key to the prison, she just wanted to get the convicts out of her hair.  This is revealed by one of the prisoners, who is from none other than the Lion King organization.  Oooh, drama! And the kind we actually give a crap about!

Episode 18: Well two good episodes in a row isn’t tolerated on this show, a fluke that demands repentance, so the writers can’t help themselves from backending all that masturbating they like to do over their keyboards, so we have maids in swimsuits, a bath scene, gay jokes and yaoi jealousy.  All we need is Kojo to drink a loli’s blood and we’ll have a royal flush. …Oh, nope. I spoke too soon. A dragon with a vagina for a face.

Remember, this post is only the facts.

Episode 19: Yukina’s been captured by Aya .  Good news, though. While all powers have been negated by the Dark Oath Grimoire, Yuuma’s powers still work since she is a duplicate of her mother, so she uses her blood to power Kojo.  The only thing to really note is that I thought for a moment we were going to do a menstrual blood gag…but surprisingly, Strike the Blood didn’t take the shot.  I will continue documenting this odd phenomena where they don’t grab the low hanging fruit. Natsuki continues to be awesome as her reaction shots mirror my own.  Also: Magic system is becoming noticeably more bullshit.

Episode 20: We start the arc with a rather dapper looking new villain.  In what may be the silliest played-straight parody, he is an alchemist who specializes in metal. Yeah. And he’s found a metal that grants eternal life, or so he claims. Cute. Natsuki continues to mirror my reaction shots.  Also, our alchemist friend cuts Asagi wide open, winning all of the points.

Episode 21: Asagi ruins our dreams by surviving. But only because she absorbed some of the philosopher’s stone (calling it what it is). The philosopher’s stone, by the way, is a goo girl.  Okay, she’s a dead alchemist who endured through her experiments. But a pretty hot goo girl, too.  We get a far-too-short fight between Kou and Natsuki/Astarte and YES I AM STILL SHIPPING THOSE TWO.

Episode 22: As with all good villains, Kou is deteriorating. Were you really surprised?  Kou’s after the middle-schoolers, but Kojo can reach them on a ferry by flying on a cruise missle.  Is his penis big enough for you, yet?  Engage your stupid science detectors on this one, as well. The fact that a middle school field trip can be attacked randomly should be proof enough how silly it is to have children in the demon district.  Kojo finally gets a sexy familiar. Now can we get her riding the bitching fire horse?

Episode 23:  There’s a rift, and it makes Vatler laugh. Be worried. Himeragi is replaced by, someone, but very quickly we learn it is Kojo’s daughter from the future.  Yeeeaaaah…whatever. She’s chasing a dragon, and Himeragi continues to be a bitch.

Episode 24:  I didn’t think it was possible for Strike the Blood to end weaker than its bell curve, but so it did. Himeragi is recalled. This plot line is obviously so up in the air and original as to how it will end, it sucks up more screentime than the dimension-eating dragon from the future.  You can obviously see why. And we learn Kojo founds a fourth empire. Well that’s nice, I guess.

Series review coming soon!


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