Blade and Soul: Episode 3

Bad show but hot criminal…


Ah, a productive weekend with some outstanding anime.  Let’s keep going!

…Oh. Hello Blade and Soul. …Damnit.

I’m currently of the opinion that Blade and Soul isn’t going to be exploring its flimsy pretense for a story and is more like an amusement park ride for people who have played the game.  Using your nostalgia to see various in-game areas on screen.

Too bad I haven’t played the game.

We open on tomb raider, and our Lora Croft for this universe is…insanely more hot than Lora Croft. She introduces herself as Dan Loana. Her little group of treasure hunters here is called “the Pleasure Gang” and they don’t like Palam, so naturally they just instantly know Alka has trouble with them and invite her in for some bondage. BONDING! I said bonding, you can’t prove otherwise.

Back in Palam, the bad guys have assembled a pacification squad.  Apparently unrest is rising so they’re going to wipe out a few rebels.  This is actually interesting. Naturally we won’t be spending a lot of time on it.

Back at the hideout, Alka is being treated quite nicely by Moaner Loana.  To the point where it’s suspicious.  Interesting character detail regarding Loana’s camaraderie and hospitality…or weak plot point? Do I really need to tell you?

Hazuki is drinking again, and Karen is again trying to stop the kid from getting killed.  Glad we aren’t focusing on the Palam political battles being waged or the military extermination.

At the hideout, Loana puts some pieces together.  She already knows who Alka is (sure let’s go with it), and she has knowledge of the upper ranks of Palam’s military.  She even names who was most likely to have killed Alka’s master: Jin.  A line I like, Loana says that Alka has a name to go with the face she knows she must kill.  She’s one step closer to revenge, a celebration!

…I am detecting eerie similarities between myself and Loana…

We have DRAMA as Loana declares they will use Alka to lure the enemy into a trap.  It’s only passable that her men are breaking into tears recalling their lost loved ones because they’re drunk off their asses.

In a rather enlightening conversation between Loana and Alka, Alka reveals she doesn’t really have an emotional attachment to her master, it’s just her code to avenge him.  Wow. Shocker.

This pisses Loana off.  She seems to despise that it’s Alka’s job, she wants her to WANT the revenge.  Hey, preachin to the choir, here.

I do honestly share this.  Same reason I liked Bishamonten in Noragami.  The passion is what makes the drive beautiful.  This is just…convenient.  Oh, look, that word again, so soon, Blade and Soul?

Jin’s forces have arrived, but they’re not taking the bait. You don’t lead an empire without being able to sniff out a “Oh why doesn’t your commander come over here for a friendly chat?” traps.  Palam opens fire.  It’s not a very engaging battle, mostly because the Pleasure Gang is being completely stomped by Jin’s two main lackeys, Hipster Ariel and Mongo.

Once again, all the male characters die, leaving the single female character with a heavy conscience and pathos.

So Jin wields a power that Loana calls “the Impurity”, unsure, as the Palam people seem to have an obsession with being “pure” and not dirtying themselves with underclasses.  Either way, what just vaporized a dude hurts Alka, but obviously doesn’t stop her from fighting.  The Sword Clan invested in some pretty damn heavy character shields.

But before we actually get to the drama, Haruki snipes Alka and she falls into the river.

Well, THANK FUCK for you Haruki. Something interesting might have happened!

Another one shot location, another episode where nothing moved.  This is going to be a pattern. Fuck.

Loana was interesting enough…especially for this show.  I liked her outlook on the world, it matches my own quite well, thank you.  She admires passion and drive, very likely why her little army is called The Pleasure Gang.  Senses matter to her, and the fact that Alka is so cold and…well…flat, really, pisses her off to no end.  She’d make a great counterpoint to Alka in the hands of a competent writer. She’s a good character…but an awful commander. All her forces got killed.  This…this is not empowering.  The show was trying to sell her off as a badass, when really she should have been more like Mori.  Mori, at least, had the impression that she was in over her head.  Here the show didn’t seem to notice at all so it comes off rather nasty that she was so blindsided that her way-too-obvious trap didn’t work.

Can we make the series about her and Karen’s escapades together? I feel this is a better use of her strengths.

This Reverse Refrigerator Syndrome is rather annoying, too.  Blade and Soul may not be a yuri series, but it’s adopting the worst tropes of that genre.


Did I miss something?

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