Wild Card Update


Now that I’m down to two series recaps for Winter 14 (both the double-length Strike the Blood and KILL la KILL), and done with the special essay, it’s time to get back to the core of the blog, current runs. So we have three series I’m officially going to tackle, in addition to our current line up.  Those would be Knights of Sidonia, Gokukoku no Brynhildr (Brynhildr in the Darkness) and Black Bullet. All for interesting reasons that I’ll get into in the respective introductions, but there you have it. Black Bullet and/or Brynhildr will be double features but Knights I have SO MUCH to get off my chest it will be proper episode by episode. It’s also going to be counting (well, half-counting) as my “comfort zone” series (yours truly not being a fan of mecha).

I had high hopes for WIXOSS but it just isn’t working out.  Based on these first three episodes…I see it not living up to its promotions until the VERY final conflict. Until then? It’s Fantasista Doll with more rules, a show that didn’t have a lot of redeeming qualities beyond a single character. I know I have my “Nanoha Rule”, but that’s a poor excuse to subject us to a show week after week on the off-chance it gets better.  Stick with a show, with that faint hope? Sure. But drag a new one into the line-up on top of these? Nuh uh. Not happening. The melodrama is not worth it.

Unless….unless…we get a HUGE tonal shift by week 5…then I might reconsider this decision. But any later than that and it will be too late. And even then, six shows is a lot.

Still the World is Beautiful…it’s gotten better but nothing for me to contribute there.

I tried Atlier abra cadabra but nothing stands out, and what does is obnoxious.  It feels too much like Galilei Donna in terms of “big ideas, small implementation”.  Slightly better executed, I’ll grant you that. But not by enough.

Kamigami no Asobi…it’s too much like Ouran, lots of self-parody and humor.  I get it. But it’s also one of those shows you watch around the TV with OTHER nerds and Statler and Waldorf the hell out of it to get the full experience.  Not something for me to do here on a blog.

So I’ll be working on these over the course of the weekend.  Hope to see you there!


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