Updates, Relief, and Nonsense.


Just a few things I wanted to add, comment on, mention, that wouldn’t even fit as an aside in a regular post.

First, Nobunagun will be up in the next few hours.  Blade and Soul ep1 will be just before or immediately after.

Why the heavy schedule? Didn’t I just spend 12 hours on a needlessly complicated Sakura Trick review?

Because we just passed 10,000 views and the only repayment I really have to offer is the hope that I will entertain you some more.

It’s just the only way to commemorate milestones.

My hand is at almost-near-pre-injury strength.  It’s enough to type with so good times to be had. As if the 9,000 word Sakura Trick review wasn’t proof I could type again.

Finally, we have good news for the line up. Funimation picked up Akuma no Riddle.  So that will solve one problem of this season.

No confirmed Wild Cards yet. But I haven’t gotten to all of the premieres I wanted to this week.  I am leaning towards WIXOSS, but really are you surprised? I tried “Still the World is Beautiful” but that show just made me angry.  There’s plenty of room for anger this season.

As always, many thanks for the comments and discussions.  I’ve been having a lot of fun and good to see some of you are having fun with me.

3 thoughts on “Updates, Relief, and Nonsense.

  1. What made you so angry about ‘Still the World is Beautiful’? I’m not arguing that you shouldn’t feel angry – just curious about the specifics, if you’re willing to share them.

    • I think it was the very contrived way we had to generate the drama in the episode, while trying to make the protagonist seem like a badass. It was a very…”we want to show you she’s competent…oh but we have ALL these jokes about fish out of water! What’ll we do? Ah just throw them in anyway. It’ll work out.”

      I liked the fourth wall jokes, mostly, and maybe deeper into the series the plot will be interesting. But I dunno, it was a series where the parody elements are so obfuscated that it LOOKS like a cheap Fullmetal Alchemist rip off. It’s way too sincere about that, if that makes sense xD

      • Fair enough. I wasn’t a big fan of what I saw in the first episode either; I tend to like my fantasy shows a bit darker and less cartoonish, so the comical feel didn’t really do it for me – and the villains might as well have started laughing manically halfway through explaining their dastardly schemes to each other. Still, I feel obliged to give it one more episode before I decide whether to drop it or not. At the very least. I think it’s quite nice to see a shoujo princess who’s neither a doormat nor smitten at first sight with the obvious romantic interest.

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