Sakura Trick: Episode 11

I can keep going, coach!


Your finger-sliced mistress can keep pressing on, so let’s get them typin’ fingers workin’ on the good stuff.

New character! I will be referring to her as “Sumisumi”, as everyone has taken to referring to her as Sumisumi-kaichou.

…I am now forced to let out a sigh. Ready? Siiiiiigh.

We couldn’t go forever. Yuu was a bit abrasive with her childish stubborness, but now we outright have us a lolita expy.  Sure she’s about to become a senior in high school, but she has the height, the body type, the voice. She’s our lolita.

It’s part of why she speaks so formally. Because that’s just humorous to the Japanese, children acting like adults and vice-versa.  The technicality does not save you from my scorn, Sakura Trick.  We can see it for what it is.  You are like an alchoholic who has picked up their first drink in twelve years. For shame.

Anyway, Sumisumi is lamenting that there is no budget to send off the graduating class.  Kaede offers to introduce her to Haruka, who is still planning her party for Mitsuki.

We get a little introduction to Sumisumi here, her hatred of Kaede’s nickname and how she uses her grandfather’s speech pattern to mask her youthful image.  It’s cute enough, but those lingering thoughts persist…

Don’t get me wrong. I am cool with loli characters. I AM that creepy lesbian. But I also felt, until now, Sakura Trick was above needing to pander like that.

At the same time if you are adding new characters, picking out unused features from the character bin instead of making them carbon copies of existing characters with a new hair color is preferable.  And at the very least we cannot accuse Sumisumi of having an underdeveloped personality despite her only appearing in two episodes. Rather stellar in that regard.

She requests collaborating on the party, and adding the outgoing vice-president, Rina to the festivities.  Sumisumi is motivated to do so due to her gratitude towards the pair for helping her out. It’s a plan!

It also seems Rina may harbor some feelings for Mitsuki, and Head Haruka is out in force.  

But our crack think tank is stumped.  Ideas for the party are running dry.  Shizuku suggests research on the third years to see what they do. Kotone agrees, she will start by studying the contents of all the female student’s panties.

….Sorry I’m typing my fanfic in another window.

Apparently pudding is popular.

…Is this another lesbian stereotype thing?

Sumisumi and Yuu fondle Haruka some more.  No really.  Apparently Haruka hates having her chest grabbed. …No comment, I can’t relate.  But this quickly spins on Yuu once Sumisumi leaves and the pair are alone, Haruka advancing on Yuu after the latter almost let slip her feelings for Haruka.

But they’ve been careless.  The bomb drops as they turn to leave their little makeout session….to see Mitsuki.

Straight into part 2, Mitsuki isn’t letting the pair out of sights.  She forbids them kissing, on the promise she won’t tell anyone.

In gym class, Haruka approaches Kotone.  The Pope beseeches the Archbishop about what she should do.  What would Kotone do if forbidden to do something between herself and Shizuku that she enjoyed?  Well without needing to pause and consider, Kotone would tell them to shove it.

One of the nice touches here is that there’s a bit of a dance beat in the background (I guess it’s a dance class today?).  It’s not something that fits with the usual Sakura Trick background music.  It provides a subtle nudge that we’ve crossed into bizarro world.

Pairing up, Haruka ends up with Yuu, sneaking kisses while they dance. But Yuu is back on her guard, and won’t hear of it.

Cutting to Mitsuki, she’s heading to 1A for lunch.  Sumisumi approaches Mitsuki about the pudding fad.  Mitsuki says she once let slip she eats pudding before studying, so it’s kind of caught on.  While certainly true for some…it seems most of the girls are eating what Mitsuki eats to acquire her…figure.

In a cute bit, Sumisumi fondles Mitsuki’s breasts and lets slip they’re better than Haruka’s.  Mitsuki’s jealous rage consumes her here, and I adore these reactions. The way her voice trembles in fury is just so darn cute…

Sumisumi observes that Mitsuki is easy to read because everything is serious to her.  And coupling this with her angry reaction at the idea anyone touched Haruka…well…Sumisumi turns out to have powers of deduction surpassing Kotone or Kaede’s. She easily sees Mitsuki is holding something back. Not just from Haruka but possibly from herself.  She advises Mitsuki to be open, so that her feelings will not be misunderstood.

She departs, forgetting her lunch, leaving Mitsuki to her thoughts.  Now, finally thinking them through, and not shutting them down because she hears a thought she dislikes, Mitsuki finds the truth. And it is beautiful in its simplicity. “I just want her to be normal friends with Yuu. If I think about anything, it’s that I want to be in a relationship with Haruka.”  And this time…Mitsuki’s panic reflex kicks in, but it’s far too late.  The truth has come out.

In fact, Mitsuki comes clean with herself completely. She’s in love with Pope Haruka. The show is even kind enough to go into super-widescreen to accommodate the seriousness of this revelation.

I want us to remember what Sumisumi said about Mitsuki, it’ll be important next time.



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