Double Feature: Nobunagun 12+13

Fight fight fight, fight fight fight…


I rarely like double featuring ends of series, but both Nobunagun and KILL la KILL have presented us with basically nothing in the semi-finals, so with tiny word counts I don’t feel so bad extending them.

In the annals of history, great rivalries have sprung up. Light and dark, Hatfield and McCoy, cat and dog…Japanese girls and tentacles.

The Battleship that’s been destroyed has given birth to a new and improved armored version, which has been given all the information from the previous battle with Shio.  She’s fighting like a champ, but she keeps running into dead ends in her tactics.

Cutting to the land fight we are treated to Geronimo losing her temper and engaging her super-duper combat mode.  Why is crazy so damn hot?

Hunter isn’t handling combat well. He’s a lab assistant, not a fighter.  But in getting monster blood all over himself, the Evos seem to be ignoring him.  After some finagling, Hunter realizes that the Evos are using pheromones to identify friend from foe since they are sea-based and don’t yet have eyes adapted to land.  He devises a compound to neutralize the friendly fire signal, so the Evos start slaughtering each other.

There’s a nice interlude this episode with Asao on a train assuring civilians that Shio’s going to wreck the Evos.

With the land battle wrapping up, Jack is told by his E-Gene that Shio needs his help.  He bolts off through the air, and we are shown…! His “Nightingale Mode”

Now at first we might say “well maybe Jack has 2 E-Genes.  But as we established last time, the trasmitter devices are more likely to die out than find two in any SINGLE person. But clever.

No, as we enter the finale, we are treated to a flashback that shows Florence Nightingale IS Jack the Ripper.  Damn…just…yeah, fucking damn.

Nobunagun has latched onto Jack the Ripper mythos, saying that the murders were in fact committed by Florence Nightingale in her later years.  She seems to possess some kind of power in her eyes that allows her to see where she is needed.  It seems odd, but we do know by St. Germain’s example that supernatural powers do exist in the Nobunagun universe, so we’ll roll with it.

It seems that the murders are to get after a biological weapon that was injected into these women.  No idea why it would be in the wombs, and historically we know one of the killings was interrupted early and the victim had no organs taken (though the trademark process had begun).  But all in all it’s a rather clever way to portray one of the most famous unsolved mysteries ever.  Its hiccups in historical logic can be waved away by the power of Nobunagun’s fun factor.  And, it is a nice touch that, while not readily apparent, for all the male figures inside female reincarnations, it’s nice that ultimately we had a male character who was the rebirth of a female figure.

So Jack and Shio find the weak spot on the new and improved Battleship, and they take it out.

Time for resolution.  Having lost their primary source of evolutionary power, the Evos have ceased their land assaults, and the combat squads are coming back in.  In a strange bit of symbolism, Shio is woken by dream-Asao…just in time for a lesbian shower scene.  Huh…you know…it’s like the show is mocking our love for the Asao/Shio ship.

Galiko is making a recovery, and all is right in the world.  Shio pulls Jack aside, asking why he came to save her.  He does his mandere act, saying it was just because he listens when Nightingale talks.  And he points out that now that Shio knows, that makes only three people who know about Nightingale. Himself, Shio, and Samurai Kyubey.

…Which means Samurai Kyubey got this E-Gene on his own.  Why did he need the Commander again?

Ah whatever, we end on a heartbreakingwarming kiss.

Okay it’s not that I feel this is het-bullshit polluting my Yuri ship, but I think those comments are best reserved for the series recap.

But Nobunagun left on a strong note.  Not as strong as its opening, but better by far than the middle.  The color schemes were back, the character dynamics had returned, and we had a dose of interesting backstory for one of the E-Genes, which is always nice.  I don’t think we’ve ever really seen what makes the souls tick, and getting a glimpse into that, how she will prefer to be named Jack the Ripper instead of her true name, said a lot about the character version of Nightingale.

And while I’m not happy the good ship Asao/Shio was sunk, it’s not for lack that the Jack/Shio pair being passable. You know, for an action series.  But like I said the romance debate is best saved for the big picture, and not this little microcosm.

But I’m glad we watched it. See you at the season recap and series summary.


Did I miss something?

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