Musings: AMVs and Me

I have a special relationship with AMVs. I’m not entirely sure why, I think it’s just how my brain works.

When I hear a song I adore, I get these weird…silhouettes, I guess, in my brain. I see things happening in time to the music. There are no faces, or designs, or clothes, just the vaguest of relationship threads between the figures dancing darkly in my brain (it’s my brain, of course it’s dark).

I used to be quite good at making AMVs, but I have long since fallen out of the habit since college provided me the free time in our daycares for adults, not to mention an ever more comparatively-crap line of computers haven’t been able to keep up with video editing like when I had a rather top-of-the-line PC in college.

But on top of that, AMVs influence what I watch. Totally true.  The whole reason I began to watch Naruto was an AMV. It was a “character study” on Kabuto, I can’t find it anymore but I do remember it was to Michelle Branch’s “Are You Happy Now?”.  I was fascinated. So I started by finding out all the arcs Kabuto featured in and watched those. And from there I kind of expanded my scope on the series.  But to this day I’ve never watched the whole thing through, Zabuza is a lot of grey area for me, as is the Sasuke Retrieval arc.

Sometimes it is the small things.  I wanted to share what started me on Black Rock Shooter.

The tiniest of contributions (I had seen BRS AMVs before, of course), but that singular moment, at 1:30, combined with the music behind it, is what made me say “Oh alright already.”

Why mention this? Well I think it’s just one of the more interesting anecdotes in the ways I have adopted series in the past.  Not that I’ve been re-watching Black Rock Shooter during my injury in preparation for a particular series recap, what gave you that idea?


One thought on “Musings: AMVs and Me

  1. I’ve more or less stopped watching them now (I used to explore a ton), but AMVs got me into a lot of anime shows that I otherwise probably would never have seen.

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