Another ‘Nother Newspost

So Tuesday night Yours Truly had an accident with the kitchen knife.  Serves me right for bragging I’d be getting caught up this week.

I’ve spent most of the past 48 hours asleep, in pain, or sick (the tetanus shot hit me like a bitch)  Today’s been nicer, and tomorrow I’ll probably be able to type with both hands again (at least, with the pointer finger).  But right now doing a full 1200 word review is soooo slow.  I think I’m going to wait until I can at least use the left hand again.

I still have all my fingers, but I may lose motor control in one.  The pain meter is at four stitches across the ring finger.  Hopefully it won’t be so bad.  I still can’t feel it, though, so touch and go until I see a specialist…which isn’t for another week. So I’m not going to strain it until I get the go ahead.

So expect more delays. I apologize deeply.  There may be a lot of double-feature posts next week. I hope to have at least SOME stuff up by the weekend, at least Nobunagun.

In lieu of the reviews, though, here is something that made me smile.



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