Newspost 3:16

Time for our quarterly housekeeping! Come, meidu-chan!

Catching Up

I’m able to devote more time to the blog now, so my weeks of clinging to the deadlines so hard will lift soon, and pay more attention to our friend blogs, whom I have been quite silent of the past few weeks (a welcome respite, I’m sure).

Just be reassured that the lapse in scheduling is not to do with the quality of the programs, my opinions remain much what they have been, it’s totally unrelated to the anime themselves, just some IRL scheduling problems.

Spring Season

Looking back, I would say the new Wild Card system was a success.  The only show I dropped was Dandy, one of those ones I did mostly as obligation (with a hint of padding the hit-box).  But I think by picking shows in this manner it helped me deliver some competent discourse on them.

Though I still think the place I’ve been most helpful is Sakura Trick which would have happened one way or the other.

So the Spring schedule will be posted in the coming week, it will also use the Wild Card method of selection. You can probably already guess a couple of the things we’ll be looking at here. Though truth be told I haven’t seriously hammered out my options yet.  Preview: Riddle Story is definite yes.

As this season, series reviews will be out through the early spring season. I am choosing to give Dandy it’s half-assed recap now instead of later.  But also remember that Strike the Blood will be returning after we left it midstream to drown! I will probably give that series a summation recap of the second half of the season before posting the series review. So you can look forward to my pain doing that.

So that means Dandy, Strike the Blood, KILL la KILL, Noragami, Sakura Trick, and Nobunagun.  KILL la KILL will probably be last or second-last, as it is a lengthy series and there is LOTS to say (unlike Strike the Blood).  Sakura Trick will be competing for that final spot.  In the latter’s case, somehow I have found myself a voice in this series so I want to hold up the reputation earned there.  It will probably be a much more thorough analysis of the series than you are used to seeing from me.

But expect Dandy, Nobunagun, Noragami, and Strike the Blood all within April sometime.

So, Spring roster coming soon, keep an eye out for that.  And as always, keep the hate.

EDIT: One thing I’m considering is baiting myself. That is, watching something I know will infuriate me, so I get the chance to exercise my right to curse like a sailor.

3 thoughts on “Newspost 3:16

  1. Personally I’m kinda afraid of reviewing KLK. there’s so much to cover, and without marathoning through the series to refresh it’d feel just half-assed.
    Looking forward to read your reviews! ^-^

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