Space Dandy: I Surrender


Normally when you do not see a post as scheduled on this blog, it is for one of two reasons.  One, I am seriously considering dropping the show and am giving the series that extra week to prove it worth my time (this happened with BlazBlue).  Two, I simply haven’t gotten around to it, for various reasons, be they hospitalizations or court trips or whatever that bogs down my week, in such a case I probably haven’t SEEN the show yet so I tend triage the schedule and you’ll see a burst of reviews out on a single day.  And three: I just plain forgot. Okay so I lied there were two reasons.

Space Dandy falls into none of these categories.  I have been fully conscious I wasn’t watching it week to week. I dread it. I don’t want to do it.

I didn’t want to watch Machine Doll either, but there was a twisted sort of karmic joy in tearing it apart week after week that let me struggle through.

But I have purposefully been avoiding Space Dandy, and now that it’s been a month since I did my last review on the show, I figured it needed to be this weekend or never.

And I quit. I can’t do it. I’ve only gotten one episode down and I practically skipped half the second one I was so bored.

So Space Dandy…I concede defeat. You have bested me. I lose this round.

I don’t want to give the impression that I think Space Dandy is a bad show.  It isn’t, and objectively I can recognize that.  It has weak spots and strong spots, but the very episodic nature will of course incline it to be a wildly variant experience week to week.

But I, me, Anna, personally, cannot sit through it.  As I said, this show is perfect if I had a TV.  But TV for me now means “Independent computer time.”  It can’t be something I am doing while I play games or write, it can’t be something I look at out of the corner of my eye, laugh, and go back to what I was doing (which is always what Adult Swim was to me…the exception being the celebration of Ramen-dan on Sunday nights back in…2007?).  Right now I have to consider Dandy worth my near-undivided attention….and it isn’t.

I am having way more fun admitting to you I bested myself and am too weak willed to follow through on only one of five shows I’m giving attention to.  That is how obnoxious I find it.  There is no character I like, there is no archetype for me to enjoy.  Like Nobunaga the Fool, this is a show about “man-culture”, and while I’m totally comfortable ripping apart a dramatic presentation of it…comedy is much harder for me to derive some enjoyment out of it.   If Space Dandy was this bitter, cynical satire of the man-life, I could deal with it. But it’s affectionate, and I cannot relate to that affection.

Comedy is simple. You found something funny, or you didn’t.  And when you don’t find anything funny, what is there to fall back on?

So, officially, consider Space Dandy dropped, if its absence from the weeklies wasn’t an indicator.


9 thoughts on “Space Dandy: I Surrender

  1. I conceded defeat way back in Episode 6 and its just not worth continuing to me. I can appreciate the whole “Saturday morning cartoon” atmosphere and episodic format, but it is just too boring, plus my list is already jammed as it is. I’m surprised its slated for 26 episodes…

    • 26 sounds like a move made to make Adult Swim happy, as that means it’s easier to air reruns without them feeling so stale. It might have been a move to make it more appealing to the Western markets so they’d pick up the simulcasting, which is a (comparatively) expensive thing to do.

  2. Congratulations on making it as far as you did without choking an innocent bystander. Considering the reviews I’ve seen you write, I’m surprised you didn’t drop this show sooner.

    • I’m actually considering, once the show completes, using it as some sort of charity drive where I live tweet my suffering en-marathon for the world to enjoy. That would be a good use of my reactions to it.

      • Oh, I don’t -plan-, it’d be a miracle if my smart assery ever caught on. I just anticipate participating in some larger event one day. Or at least that seems a good use of a marathon, though even without the noble cause marathon tweeting sounds like a fun project to do one day in the distant future.

      • Best of luck to ya with your future plan then, as long as you enjoy the pain and agony. Make sure to make as many Bebop jokes and references as you can, though “everything was so much better back in my day” jokes have become dated.

  3. After seeing so many people drop Space Dandy, I feel kind of guilty that I still like this show. Sure, it’s uneven like hell, the latest episode was sad reminescence of what this show can do; but nevertheless, when sometimes it manages to be good, I love every second of it. I guess there are many little things that keep me watching, I dig space, I dig the format, etc., and without these I’d have dropped this series long time ago.

  4. I find that some of the episodes are hilarious while others easily put me to sleep. I very much respect that humour is subjective though – and I like your conclusion that although Space Dandy isn’t your thing, it’s not a bad show. Which sounds like a relatively simple conclusion to draw, and it is (or rather, it should be), but I’m constantly surprised by just how many people can’t seem to distinguish between “I didn’t enjoy it” and “it’s an awful series”.

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