Nobunagun: Episode 7

The boom boom, it rhymes with doom doom.


Nobunagun’s back on the right track, at least.  There is STILL an absence of Asao, and I am not pleased with that, but the other elements managed to play to Nobunagun’s strengths: ‘Splosions and Shio’s crazy-yet-adorable-bloodlust.

This week opens on an American carrier group being attacked by an Evo…an Evo?   Oh not exactly.  It’s a battleship! YOU SUNK IT!  It’s a sunken hulk, that’s been covered in Evos like moss. Or maybe more appropriate barnacles.

One of Nobunagun’s best strengths has been to use its universe in creative ways.  Like Newton. On first glance her power was kind of limited, but it’s really been utilized in new and interesting ways on the three occasions she’s had to do something.  This new enemy is the same way.  It would be really easy for Nobunagun to just have a new monster every week with a gimmick power.  This time it is a corruption, taking something familiar and turning it alien.

Well, Shio, good old adorable Shio, ahhhh, is able to identify not just the kind of ship, despite it being a rusted hulk covered in creeper, but is able to name it: The Musashi.  Okay that’s a little easy, as there are only two of its kind in history.  Still impressive.

And, it’s time.  You can’t have an anime featuring military politics without the Americans playing obstinate jackasses.  They insist they will handle the Musashi.  They even drop the N-word.

…I mean nuclear!

But, frankly, can you blame them? What military WOULDN’T be questioning DOGOO’s competence at this point.  Lest we forget that Taiwan got nuked, the Evo in the hurricane almost made it because DOGOO has a lack of trained personnel who would have been able to handle it, and let’s be sure most of the governments were informed about the botched capture of an Evo last week that was freed and had to be destroyed because of ONE crazy civilian.  Oh, let’s not forget what the press release must have looked like two weeks ago: “Hey guys, we JUST found out this incredibly basic function of how Evos work.  KAYTHANKS.”

I mean…they’re Humanity’s last line of defense, but frankly that line looks a little wobbly in places and I feel like maybe having a second line defense is a good plan.  So really I am siding with the Americans on this one.  This is the best chance to see if a conventional military can out-think an Evo, one that isn’t a giant kaiju monster, but one that is a parasite on a rusted out battleship, which means it DOES have weak spots vulnerable to explosives.

Oh did we not establish that? Yeah, conventional explosives don’t work on Evos, and E-Gene weapons don’t work on metal.  I guess making the orbs some kind of…photonic energy things? I’m not really sure.

Obviously, Team 2 is shocked, shocked that the United States would question their ability to save the world. (Ironyyyyyy)

But that’s not what pisses of Shio. It’s that they would destroy the “poor Musashi”.

..Uh oh, we aren’t entering the realm of Japanese Nationalism again, are we?

Well thank god Vidoq has thought up a way to let Team 2 inside the ship while letting the United States save face.  Glad we raised that plot point and just as quickly dropped it.

Shio calls the Evo “awesome” for resurrecting a dead battleship.  She seems to feel it a kindred spirit, somehow.  Like, “if I were going to be an invading alien THIS IS TOTALLY WHAT I’D DO! It’s so awesome!”  And she harbors feelings for the ship like any sailor would.  She’s slightly anthropomorphized it in her head, and there is a certain bent to her words that SHE wants to sink the Musashi, implicit in them that it should be a Japanese person who sinks it, who can show it the proper respect. She also has a suspicion that something more is going on, as it seems that the Evos have read a manual on the damn thing, filling out each and every function on the ship.  Normally you’d expect them to just get the propulsion moving or something, like a lifeboat. But it’s almost like the Evos are manning the ship like a crew.

So the attack begins, but Musashi isn’t going down without a fight.  It turns its guns…and I should point out as a Yamato-class battleship, those are the largest guns mankind has ever mounted to a ship…open fire on the carrier group escorting Team 2.  Luckily Gandhi’s there to play support.

And on the whole this battle sequence is great. The music, color spectrum, and just badassery of the old fashioned ship of the line slugging it out with our heroes really brings me back to the fights from the first couple episodes.  Needs more of this!

Shio jumps aboard after her job of clearing a path for Jack and Newton is done.  She makes her way to the core “brain” of the ship….and is captured.

Did I mention the brain is made of tentacles? Yes, a Japanese girl’s natural foe. Oh myyyy.  Shio is actually able to see into its memories.  It is, in fact, the remains of the crew which influenced the Evos to adopt the battleship and carry out its mission towards the Panama Canal.

…If the dead Japanese sailors influenced the Evo’s mission, were they also the ones who convinced it to be a lumbering mass of tentacles to wrap themselves around the Japanese girl?

Sorry I think I had a point here…

Luckily Jack and Newton arrive to save her ass.  But did that memory transfer go both ways?  Did the Evos learn something fancy about DOGOO? Hmmm.

Looks like Team 1 is coming into play.  I hope they team up with our heroes rather than being another cut-away…

So…Vidoq is unconvinced that the Evos could be influenced by the dead sailors.  He says it sounds occult.

Really, smug-shit? Really? YOU ARE THE LIVING INCARNATION OF A CRIMINAL SCIENTIST! YOU TAKE ORDERS FROM A SAMURAI RABBIT!  Don’t look all smart because some old pervert who takes pictures of teenage girls sparked your tiny mind onto the idea that Evos communicate with one another.

Though that brings up an interesting point.  Do the Evos communicate with the dead in a manner similar to the reincarnation that Samurai Kyubey uses?  Is he REALLY going to live up to his dickish namesake?  Or will he remain COMPLETELY unexplained?

Did I miss something?

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