Nobunagun: Episode 6

I wonder if Shio’s contract means she still gets paid for this episode…


So, this episode I am lovingly calling, “John Carpenter’s Dominatrix Cut Away”. It’s a bit of a throwback of sorts to the classic 1960s era monster story, sometimes lovingly referred to as the “base under siege” story.  An isolated location, stressful, outside contact trying to destroy them, a traitor within, and the arriving heroes to make it all better.  If that sounds familiar, a lot of the greats have run with it, including Alien.

Only this time, our heroes, from squad 1, have arrived just a little too late.  Though while Squad 2 seems to be the squad of perverts, Squad 1 is the squad of assholes.  They’ve arrived at the tail end of the base under siege, and that is just so typically Nobunagun-dark I can’t help but grin.

There just isn’t much to say this week. It’s a homage to story types long passed.  We learn nothing new about the Evos, really.  And in all it’s hard to say that this episode will bear any weight on the future weeks.  It was a cute stand alone, and enjoyable for someone like me who likes these structural aspects to the stories in anime, not just the purty purty and dah feelz.

It introduces the squad 1 members, though they never even give one a proper name, body or E-gene, so it’s really hard to feel it’s a serious examination of the characters here.

All in all I found the crazy ax murderer plot rather refreshing…

But no Shio?  Not even a cut away to show us what Squad 2 was doing.

And again, no Asao.  Her absence thus far in the series is a crippling deficiency that needs to be resolved.  The Shio/Asao relationship buoyed up the first part of the series so much that the dry spell of Asao since Episode 3 has been so noticeable it hurts.  Even if you don’t want to believe (or, after Shio’s comments last week, don’t want to -admit-) it was romantic in any way, their interaction was so authentic and touching in a not-too-syrupy kind of way that it elevated the series by its mere presence.  The characters have excellent chemistry and the fact the show is sitting on it instead of putting right out front is the biggest waste of the series thus far.

So…yeah. This was such a disconnect from the show, but not in a bad way, that it’s hard to really voice whether or not this stabilizes the series or continues to sink it.  So I’ll just leave it as “this was a holding action to fill out 12 episodes”, because that may honestly be what’s at work.


One thought on “Nobunagun: Episode 6

  1. Agreed both re this episode being very odd, and the absence of Asao being a increasingly large problem.

    In a very real sense the interaction between Sio and Asao in episode 2 was what hooked me on this show, and it is now risking being dropped for want of it.

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