Noragami: Episode 6

…Brain, prepare a new bed for the new waifu.


This week started with Yukine in bed. He’s been moping since last week from the looks of things.  Hiyori tries her best to cheer him up, but really? She’s missing the point.  Hiyori thinks Yukine’s just sad about the girl dying.  While I’m sure he is, it’s much more personal than that.

As we discussed last week, Yukine has a very low self-esteem, and this week he will share that Yato killed the little girl phantom against his will. He’s feeling violated and helpless, which doesn’t help his naturally low self-esteem and the fears that everyone is waiting for him to cock up.

Hiyori leaves some cookies and cocoa by the door. Yukine just runs out, knocking over the teats and showing us the cocoa slowly creeping over the cookies. SYMBOLISM!

I expected better of you, Noragami.

Yukine’s actually really nervous, casting barriers against even the tiniest of phantoms.  And the stress and fear just breaks him down, causing him to act on his impulses and steal a skateboard.

So we finally understand the truth.  As Yukine gives into temptation we see a flash of a phantom eye, and Yato reels in pain.

Remember last week how we learned that some of the Regalia powers are based on negative emotions? Well what is a Phantom here? Just a spirit that wallows in negativity. It is corruption.

Regalia are, pardon the expression, a double edged sword.  Kami need regalia to be pure souls.  But they are still Human, at their core.  And now we see that spot Yato has been clutching is dark. The same corruption from when Yato touched the Phantom way back in episode 2. Now, it’s still unclear if regalia NEED those negative emotions (they certainly seem to for the barriers), but by its very nature we already see the yo-yo game that the Kami play with them.  And it partly explains why Yato has such a low opinion of weakness.

Yato stops Yukine in the street, and Hiyori finds them.  Well that worked out for the best. Yukine lies by saying Hiyori bought the skateboard for him, and Hiyori, though she doesn’t seem like she wants to, covers for him.  She is clearly having flashbacks to the way Yato’s eyes looked, and how he said he would cast divine judgment on Yukine.  Yato doesn’t seem like he believes it, but he’ll pick his battles.

When they’re attacked by biker chick…lion chick?

Anyway her name’s Bishamonten.

Oh fuck, clever, Noragami. Gender bending a well known deity? I can’t say I disapprove of this.  Hiyori only escapes getting attacked because Bishamonten assumes a Human has no association to Yato.  She calls out to Yato as “god of calamity”.

Now his relationship with Kofuku makes sense.   I mean, what is poverty? Calamity of the home, for one. A disaster in your finances.  Yato, as god of calamity, certainly in the war sense, has that going for him.  To be traditional, Kofuku represents calamity at home, domestic calamity, if you will. She is the feminine of this personification, while Yato can play the masculine, that of battle and possibly politics, the “man’s world” aspect of calamity.  Which also explains why Kofuku found Yato after hearing “terrible rumors” about him.  Who would outright go and seek out someone they knew to be a bad person? This is actually making a lot of sense now xD

But the grudge, which Yato reveals later it was Bishamonten’s regalia that he killed, compels her to act, and she certainly seems to view Yato as evil.

Yato is also completely outclassed.  What can save his ass now?

Continuity! Hiyori runs to Kofuku for help.

Bishamonten has many regalia. Her lion, her earpiece, her clothes and weapons are all regalia.

…Let your gothy dominatrix host say I am in love with the idea of wearing your servants.  Indulgence over.

It’s a good thing Yukine is a sword right now, because otherwise he would be wetting his pants.  Last week may have portrayed his flaws in at least a sympathetic light, but no such dice here. He has really stepped beyond the border of “having doubts” and just outright indulging in his weakness.

I like how Yato throws the insult that Bishamonten wears a jacket. Huehuehue. To her credit she does seem to care quite a bit for her regalia.

Well if Hiyori was hoping for help, Kofuku just seems amused that Bishamonten is chasing Yato “again”.  Hiyori pleads, but all they wonder is why Hiyori even cares. I can’t tell if Hiyori’s right in that they think so little of Yato, or if immortals really are just that uncaring that they have a difficult time fathoming compassion.

Hiyori finds Yato by his scent. It seems all the kami have a pleasant smell to half phantoms like Hiyori.

Jeez. Yato’s stalker-kun antics, Bishamonten stalking Yato, Hiyori creepily finding Yato and Bishamonten by the scent.  Doesn’t anyone here have a normal relationship!?

There’s some more back and forth between Yukine and Yato. They aren’t covering much new, just coming clean with each other. Also their childish bickering is adorable, lightens the mood just enough this episode.

Apparently taking life is immoral to kami.  Even war gods like Bishamonten? Damn, Yato, you just have NO friends.

Well Kofuku appears and cuts the wind out of everyone’s sails by breaking up the fight by opening a vent. Bishamonten retreats, and not before Nora, watching from the sidelines, binds her lion regalia, allowing Yato to give it a cut.

Specifically, she calls out to it by name.  So whatever this incident between Bishamonten and Yato is, it seems Nora was a part of it.

Bishamonten seems to like Kofuku though.  And when she departs, Kazuma, her #2, offers a dejected looking Yato a bow.  These nice touches keep this conflict elevated.

And at the end, Nora appears, offering herself to Yato again.

Before it was easy to reject her, but with an enemy on his tail, and Yukine seemingly not working out, it seems a likely possibility that Yato will give into temptation and use Nora, with whatever baggage that brings.  All in all this was a great week. I look forward to the next!

So the halfway point. Really? It feels like we’re so near the end, too! This felt more like an episode 8 or 9 than 6.  That’s a good feeling, it makes me hopeful there will be some good turns in the rest of the series.


Did I miss something?

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