Some Housekeeping

I figure, time to address a few things that are out of place in regular reviews.

Point One: PASTELS!

So the site had a little bit of a redesign over the past few weeks.  Got myself a banner to reflect that there is no hope for you upon entry.

Also, you’ll note the new category selections at the bottom, along with the links to anime blogs I’m following.  I actually intend to highlight blogs you may enjoy as time goes on. We gotta look out for each other, after all.

-Point Two: Fifth Series?

I have teased the idea of picking up a series number 5 to follow along and lend my usual bent to.  Suffice to say, if we pass Episode 6 I will basically feel like cheating, so any catch up on a specific series would be done probably around Valentine’s Day, if it happens at all.  Despite my early reservations, I think Space Dandy is here to stay, at least until the end of the season, where it may get Strike the Blooded.

So far, I have mostly been held down by the fact that…I just don’t feel that strongly over anything yet.  Nobunagun was easy.  That piqued my interest right away and be it fantastic, horrible, or mediocre, I will at least have stuff to talk about for the rest of the season.

Also, embedded in my reluctance, is that I do my damndest to keep my updates in “real time” schedule, thoughts on one episode without prior knowledge of the next, to give a good impression of what somebody thinks on a first view.  That is what I aim for, so the longer we go, the less they can give you, the reader, that immersion.  Series recaps are where my “objective” voice emerges, the fires cooled and tempers low.

At this point…I may pick up Nobunaga the Fool.  Mostly? As a labor of hate.  It is not bile-inducing yet, but I am sure that in a few weeks, oh, it will be so very bad. You’re going to see Machine Doll 2.0.

Witchcraft Works maybe, for similar reasons, but its horribleness is not so obvious right now.  I just can’t find myself caring enough to hate it, and I do want to love it.  I think because I expected there to be some gender-role stuff involved, but they neither succeeded or failed that, at this point they are ignoring it.

Noragami maybe, but I highly doubt it.  I feel it to be…wallpaper.  Nice to look at, it doesn’t offend my senses, but neither am I really transfixed on the elements.  It entertains me for 20 mins, and then I never think about it again until I see the new episode on my stream feeds.  This does not make good critic fodder.

Inari is in a similar boat.

Sekai Seifuku: Zvezda.. is on the opposite side of the spectrum as Witchcraft Works.  I enjoy it, but I find very little compelling about it. Comedy is just not my thing.

And this is barring me outright BAITING myself into watching shit like Nourin.  But I feel that would be disingenuous as, again, that would be me padding my potty mouth for the sake of it, and not stuff that would naturally catch my eye as is the theme of this blog.

So, I am interested in opinions to help me decide, at least xD What would you, the outsider, see my unique spin being useful on?

Point Three: More Non-Linear Reviews

If in the event of not taking up a fifth series for Winter 2014, I will be finishing certain essays. Which I will share the titles with you now. Saving Anime and The Anatomy of Yuri Goggles.

I may even go into other Non-Linears to help illustrate some of the points in both essays.  Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha springs to mind.

I think that takes care of all the news for now.

See you around!


One thought on “Some Housekeeping

  1. Noragami has been one of the biggest surprises for me this season. I went into it expecting absolutely nothing, I originally thought it was some kind of romcom, and it ended up being my most anticipated series. Mind you, that has more to do with how much I love the premise. Still, I would strong recommend checking it out.

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