Space Dandy: Episode 4

I…What is this…I don’t even…


So, a confession: Space Dandy just isn’t my kind of show. I mostly still watch it out of obligation.

And yet, this week was exactly what I felt Space Dandy needed to be: Able to use its comedic paradigm to reset the universe, no questions asked Seth McFarlane style.

The disease thing was fairly obvious, but once we found out WHAT disease Dandy and crew had picked up from the random alien, it made the anticipation all the better.  It was very “You’re doing this aren’t you? Yeah, you are. Alright. Go ahead.”

There are elves in the Dandy universe. Elf nurses. This episode is only five minutes in and already a win.

Still, we had a great zombie outbreak episode. A nice way for Dandy to luck out of getting hit by the Google Empire’s (still calling a spade a spade guys) mercenaries.  At least at first.

My favorite gag had to be Dandy fighting his way through a mob of zombies using QT as a melee weapon, and QT crying out “I thought we were friends!”  It makes me feel so horrible, but it is so in character that my revulsion just isn’t strong enough to stop the giggle fits.

So, everyone is a zombie now.  Yep, the crew. But it’s only the halfway mark? Oh wow…you went somewhere completely different, Space Dandy. I thought for sure you’d end here.

Nope. We also get to see our cast adapt to their new lives as zombies, which the narrator picking up pretty much the entire second half of this episode.

I do like the narrator. A lot.

There isn’t much to say here except share a lot of the zombie related gags.  But really that’s not a good use of blog review.

What I can comment on is that this is definitely what I was expecting of this show and this week was the first to fully deliver.  And it even exceeded my expectations.  We know the episode-to-episode continuity is light here, and I was expecting it to END at Dandy being bitten.  Turns out we had a whole other half to go through.  Which I think was a good investment of their time.  The zombie outbreak thing has totally been done to death.  But, zombie based humor? That’s new territory, relatively, and it was a good exploration of those elements (my favorite bits being Meow’s face slowly growing more retarded instead of frightening, see above, and the idea that zombie hunters are contract killers hired by life insurance companies).

On the whole it was just nice to see Space Dandy putting in that E for effort.  The previous weeks have been such rehashed sci-fi tropes and predictable nonsense.  When they wanted to, they got some great atmosphere, but it has thus far been a series treading safe, and frankly quite typical ground you could find in Red Dwarf or the like.  This week was going just that extra little bit and I’m glad.

Now if only I could find the humor a little more engaging.

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