KILL la KILL: Episode 14

I admit mixed feelings.


I need this arc to finish already so I can decide if this week was a fun action diversion or an irritating trend.  Because I do want to reserve judgment until then.

I do not have a problem with the idea that Ryuko can lose Senketsu, and then have him back again in a single episode (or, most of him). This is such a KILL la KILL attitude it works beautifully.  “Quest for spiritual growth? Ain’t no one got time for that!”  I don’t want to belabor the points, after consideration I am willing to give this arc its time to finish until casting judgment, but in short: After the past six episodes, this sure feels like it’s in a hurry to go nowhere.

As I said, I can still enjoy KILL la KILL as a mindless action romp (and how, this week), but I’m getting tired of the pretending that we’re doing this for any deep reason. Change my mind, Trigger. It’s rare I -want- to be wrong.

I do approve of the fast pace.  The source of the quote eludes me at the moment, but there was a saying “So few people want to be writers. Most want to ‘have written’.”  I think that’s the kind of attitude you need to apply to this.  A quest of spiritual growth, to see Ryuko grow as a person, that’s well and good.

It is also something entirely in the realm of fiction. Most of us, you and I, grow as people by DOING SHIT.  And that’s what this is.  Ryuko can’t wait around to become powerful or confirm she is powerful or worthy for this, the world will still spin.  She also can’t be timid and hold back until she does know, or what happened last week against Nui will happen again.  She just has to dive headfirst, without looking both ways, as she has always done, to be true to herself in the most honest manner: Kicking ass and taking names. She must follow her dharma, and from that growth will naturally spring.

That being said I felt it was wrapped up a LITTLE neatly.  Just swiping the fragments from anyone, without a fight? Like, not even a squeak of protest from the antagonists.

Oh yeah, the antagonists.  I loved the Elite Four this week.  This was their chance to shine as viewpoint characters. Oh wait, I’m skipping ahead a bit.

I’m probably reading too much into this, but why couldn’t we have a naked Mikisugi? What kind of a nudist is he, huh? Obviously not a full frontal series, but we’ve seen Sanegeyama and Gamagoori naked.  Symbolism perhaps? Are only the children truly pure in this Kiryuin world?

After all, this week seemed to reinforce the idea that Satsuki is coming to blows with her mother, most specifically, in the form of Sanegeyama proclaiming Osaka’s capitalism as part of “the old system”.  At least that was Osaka. Kyoto was the spiritual center, while Kobe is tied to its beef and symbol as window to the west.

Hah, the American football team is all black while the captain is white. From the mouths of babes.

The Kansai schools were wonderful, all stereotypes, but fittingly wacky and over the top for the KILL la KILL world.  Down to the Kyoto foot soldiers being warrior monks.

Of note: Takarada and the Osaka high school manage to build uniforms comparable to Goku outfits.  So this…technology? Magic? Tailoring? Isn’t restricted to the Kiryuins, they’ve merely embraced and perfected the method.  It probably won’t be important in the grand scheme of things, but it’s an interesting layer to this universe.

But the true highlight this episode was Mako. She steals the show here, quite literally.  And once she gets into her antics she dominates her scenes with her crazy antics.

Mako pressing the barrel of a money-gun to her chest and ordering them to shoot her so she can have spending money is so in-character insane, it is impossible not to love her.

Enter Ryuko, who swipes all of her stolen uniform pieces, but not before they are used to conquer Kyoto and Kobe.

Only Osaka remains, and only Senketsu’s glove remains, when Satsuki steps into battle to help Sanegeyama finish off the remaining resistance, bearing Senketsu’s glove.  Ryuko promises to beat Satsuki down and take the last fragment back by force.

I hope the fight is worth it. We really need a money shot this season! …That was unintended.

And for your viewing pleasure.



2 thoughts on “KILL la KILL: Episode 14

  1. I know all too well how you are feeling. Last week when her uniform was destroyed I was practically shouting. I mistook the scrap of Senketsu for the broken handle of her scissor blade. I thought she had lost everything and would have to learn the Nudist Beach way of fighting. Something had happened!

    You can imagine how devastatingly disappointing I was when next week came around and “lol Senketsu is fine”. In all honesty, I think that Satsuki will give her the last scrap this Thursday. No huge fight attached.

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