Space Dandy: Episode 3



I wasn’t bored this week. That is the praise I can give this week’s Space Dandy.

Well…not the dubbed version anyways.

Yes, this is totally turning out to be an anime where the dub is actually better than the original.  Fitting, since Dandy is designed to appeal to Western markets.

That said…it isn’t that much better.  I may have not felt like weeping at the prospect of watching a second time, but neither do I really want to see this again.

You bought yourself time, Space Dandy, but I am still just looking for an excuse to drop you.

So Dandy got the “let’s dress Meow up as an alien” gag out of the way.  They also, miraculously, did something with that “poor” thing.  See…QT has ordered a bunch of instant….stuff. From 10,000 light years away.  So yep, it’s expired. For a long, long time. On their budget, it’s all he can do for now. This gag had some good lines. I concede.

Fortunately, Dandy eats at Boobies enough that he has a point card.

…Ever have a day when you’re forced to type something that makes you question your life choices?

Sadly, it is about to expire, so no free meal.  Warp driiiiive!  Right into a barren planet…Look…I knew where this was going when we saved the girl…it’s okay to rehash the whole Galaxy 4 thing, but you gotta DO something with it, please? Contribute something to the twist? Make it funny at least?

Now, Dandy gets another obligatory gag out of the way: H.R. Giger parody, in the form of a vagina monster. This didn’t really end up as funny as it probably sounded on paper.  But Dandy rescues a pair of breasts cute girl, so karma is balanced.  In a decent slapstick gag, Dandy pulls out his gun and fires all sorts of cool poses, but fails to hit any of the monsters.

Balanced indeed, because using the warp drive has alerted Dr. Gel.  So, the Google Empire (yeah let’s be honest with it) surrounds the planet, but…is scared off by rumors of a monster.  A monster that looks liiiiike….the girl Dandy just rescued. Hope that’s funny for you.  Actually, the ships withdrawing literally by all moving backwards did crack a smile from me.  So okay, maybe a little bit.

Dandy and crew head to the girl’s ship (though if that’s true is suspect) in order to get materials for repairs.  When she turns into a breast monster…Wait, why is she censored inside the ship but not outside the ship? Is it like, a Nudist Beach rule in the FCC’s code? (ha)  Cue giant mecha vs. monster fight, which wasn’t really all that fun.

At least it seems to be rare enough that Dandy gets some money for turning it in.

This episode was…ironically, just good enough for what I used Adult Swim for back when I had TV, as background noise while I played games or wrote. I can’t be bothered to just watch this show, though. Maybe socially it would be more entertaining.  But it was competent comedy-adventure this week.  Much better than last week’s run, which tried a little too hard to be Samurai Champloo.

Did I miss something?

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