Space Dandy: Episode 2



In the course of blogging events, I usually take the time to watch an episode at least twice before offering thoughts. More if I feel merit, but as someone who just misses a lot of stuff on the first watch, it’s good for me to rewatch as I compose my thoughts.

This week’s Dandy, however? I feel no such compulsion.  This was Star Trek level humor (bad). I smirked a couple times, and laughed at exactly one gag.  One.

This is not a promising outing for a purported comedy series.

This week started off at the alien registration center, where Dandy, having survived his self destruct last episode, now tries to catalog one of the things that tried to kill him. Only it’s a very common monster, no dice. And the gentleman gorilla, Dr. Gel, also appears to have survived the destruction of his ship. Which is also just fine. And I felt maybe we would get a “Team Rocket Blasting off Again” gag, where the ships are destroyed every week and we pick up next episode like nothing happened? No luck, though. Meta humor would be too high brow for us this week.

The thing about humor is that jokes can be about ANYTHING.  Particularly the weird and periphery.

But badly written humor, like the humor in this episode, stops before the “joke” part.

This? Is unacceptable humor.  It is like when GTA5 caught heat for being unflattering to transsexuals. Again, there is humor to be found there if done in an appropriate way.  A gag that worked for me? The mail truck with “PostOp: Not just mail anymore.” That’s a pun, it’s word play, it required a brain to come up with, and should not be included with the “hate speech” accusations.  The humor that was WRONG in that game was when they’d have you listen in on some transvestite prostitutes and they’d talk about their transition problems, as in the “humor” was the fact that they were talking about medical problems.  “Point and laugh and the freak, they have to struggle.” That is the beginning and the end of the thought that went into it. That isn’t humor, that’s just cruel.

Specifically regarding this episode, being poor is a sad state of affairs, and if you’ve ever been so poor you went without meals (and dental work, and clothes, and laundry) you understand what I mean.  But there IS humor to be found there.  When it compels you to make grilled cheese with a hot dog bun and clothing iron, and act as if it were the most natural thing in the world, that can be funny. Properly framed and all.

But Space Dandy didn’t do that. They stopped at “Ha, Dandy has run out of money. He has no food. He can’t pay his tab. Everyone point and laugh!”

That is the kind of laziness that abounds in Space Dandy this week.

TLDR, I was bored out of my mind. I wanted this episode to just END.

The good gag? When they meet the old timer and he’s talking about his reckless youth, and how he inadvertently killed someone.  That made me laugh out loud when they totally screwed with your expectations.  For the record, it shows him on a motorcycle, with a babe at his back, smoking a cigarette.  From the way he frames it, it sounds like he crashes the motorcycle, reckless endangerment, right? Nope. The still flashback image breathes fire to light the girl’s cigarette Gene Simmons style and he roasts her to death.  That…that was pretty damn funny.  I’d normally worry about spoiling the best joke in an episode, but as it was the only really good one, I will spare you the need to sit through this crap.

Holy crap I am so bored with this show already, though.  Like, really, really bored.  Even the action stuff was yawnable.  Oh yeah, we met our Faye Valentine for the series, Scarlet. She saves Dandy’s ass when the evil galactic empire sends soldiers after him (a smirky aside that worked? Finding Dandy via “galaxy street view”).

I do want to know what Dandy has that’s so special. Is it that fuel/energy they talked about last time? How does that solve it? Seems rather mundane for a show this unhinged to normalcy, that loves being goofy for the sake of being goofy.  Trying to find aliens by means of taste testing their ramen seems…dubious at best.  I grew so bored I tried to imagine Meow as a doge. That kind of worked, I was paying attention to the screen again, but my willpower quickly faded.

This is no Baka and Test.  In fact I fear I will ultimately drop this show.  It’s not obviously bad besides “the jokes did not work”.  And I refuse to fall into the trap of being unfunny making fun of unfunny things.

At least this has settled a matter for me. I was wary of taking on a fifth series this season, but this week’s Dandy has convinced me, I might be down to three shows soon. So all the better.


Did I miss something?

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