Strike the Blood: Episode 12

Still don’t get points for holding back.


Well, give them a modicum of praise and Strike the Blood delivers on its total stupidity.

I will levy this praise: At least they didn’t make overtly hard nipples in the freezing weather.  Congratulations, Strike the Blood! You didn’t sink as low as I expected.

This whole opening sequence was absolutely painful.  If you guys just want to make hentai, do that.  If you want to make ecchi, do that.  But don’t give us this nonsense about having story when there are LITERALLY hentai better written than your poor excuses at skin flashing.  Oh don’t worry. I’m going to get into why this is so awful.

Side by side this, of course, was the excellent fight sequences Strike the Blood has given us. Even if I am very confused what Kojo was doing throughout the girls battle with the evil Maguscraft people.  But the action was great this week.

Which makes it ALL THE MORE FRUSTRATING that this show chooses to focus on its poorly crafted harem bullshit.

But after drinking blood from both Yukina and La Folia, Kojo unlocks another familiar.

Wait wait wait wait wait…I thought the whole purpose was one medium = one familiar.  But Yukina can still use her blood to unlock new ones?  At least the harem shit made some SENSE before. You know, each girl unlocks a new familiar, yadda yadda, making Kojo’s awakening of his powers one step closer and we get to the final big bad?  Now you’re telling me it’s so much shit and he can just keep unlocking new ones? I mean, this time, it was special.  So kudos thinking THAT through.  But what about the other two?  What, is one of them Scylla? Does he need to stick his dick in seven different girls at once to get us our final familiar? (I honestly don’t know, if you’ve read the manga feel free to correct me).

The fight with Kanon was pretty good.  I liked the warm up fight better, though.

One may ask, “Anna, why do you like the fights here but not in Machine-Doll, when here we know just as little about the specifics of the magic system?”

That’s a good question. Here is answer.  Kojo is our viewpoint character, and he is just as ignorant of this super power bullshit as we are.  Thus, we are learning with him.  Also, a lot of the powers in Strike the Blood work in one of two ways.  One, they use “calls” on deities/familiars in specific language, so we can, even if you are uninitiated in the real-world magic systems that use such things, get an impression about what the purpose of the power is.  Or two, silent powers, like when Kojo reflects the projectiles thrown at him. In this case it is doing so in mystery and letting us fill in the blanks about demon energy.  No one is shouting “MEGA PATTERN DELTA!” and making things flash colors to do the exact same thing as “OMEGA MEGA CANNON!” which just flashes different colors and STILL punches things.

That and, perhaps most importantly, the fights in Strike the Blood are visually entertaining.  They aren’t always at night in poorly lit forests with trees obstructing everything.

So I am far more willing to give this series slack in that department.  I will let it take me for whatever ride it has planned.

That and, at least there is SOME division of rules in this universe.

But of course, Kanon is saved, aaaaaand close on foreshadowing the coming big bad and Kojo getting caught in stupid word play.

For the record. We are dropping Strike the Blood officially today.  If there had not been so much annoying harem nonsense, I would have continued. But I spent ten minutes of this episode telling the damn thing to hurry up.  The drama isn’t bad. It really isn’t. But sitting through the trite harem nonsense to get to it? Meh.

I will do a series review at the end of the Winter season (much like KILL la KILL). I will still be paying attention to this show, but I won’t be following it week by week.  I feel if you don’t understand my opinion of the show by now, you won’t ever. And I can’t convince myself there will be enough movement to care.  That little voice at the back of my brain is saying “but there MIGHT be…” and it’s hard to suppress it.  But I said the same thing when I dropped BlazBlue’s weeklies, and I don’t regret that decision based on the rest of THAT series.

So, sorry Strike the Blood, but you’ll have to go to the kid’s table.


Did I miss something?

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