Galilei Donna: Episode 11

Easy come, easy go.


Well, my rosy tinted specs watching this show had to fade sometime.  This week featured a full bloom of the Galilei Donna we came to know and love throughout the first half of the series.

What was good: the time travel stuff DID have bearing on the finale. Galileo specifically developed the Tesoro as a fuel source for Hozuki, because of the story she told him about the energy crisis in the future.  This gives us a -somewhat- plausible reason why Galileo has this energy source that no one else in the successive four hundred years could conceive.  If his genius mind theorized it, but the mechanics of producing it were beyond his technology, it’s at least a little useful as to why he went to such great lengths to leave the breadcrumbs.

But the rest..?

We opened with the Ferraris in prison. Not even bothering to show us the arrest or what have you. We just cut straight to the trial. And this trial…this trial…  I have said Galilei Donna forces circumstances, and this trial was full of it.  The audience in the court is against the Ferraris because the script demands so.  Then, they just as abruptly reverse their opinion when its convenient to the script.  Just because we have to see them isolated and what have you.  GUYS, THE PREMISE OF YOUR SHOW IS HOW A CORPORATION IS FRAMING THEM. We have a good feeling of how isolated they are by this point.  This was most obvious in the part where they accuse Hozuki of being a dangerous child for hitting a man with a taser.  To which she responds it was self defense, he was attacking her and she wasn’t thinking philosophically, but of her safety.  But the observers just shake their heads at how violent the kids are.  I’m not even going to go into the suggestion of rape culture here, but who, WHO, looks at a 280lbs man, thinks of the idea of a 13 year old girl getting assaulted by him responding with a taser, and thinks “Oh gosh, how horrible. She’s so violent.”  The rest of this trite was just as bad.

Hazuki tries to mount a defense, but is outplayed at every turn by Admimoon’s lawyer.  Said lawyer inserts lots of useless expositional dialogue, reminding us about Hazuki’s college days and the like. Enter Sylvia Ferrari, whose defense of “I’M THEIR MOTHER I BELIEEEEEEEVE!” is enough to win the court over.

Really? Really. Really? REALLY?

It’s like the director had a switch for “DRAMA!” that he kept turning to random settings.  There was some good stuff, but there was also bad. Hazuki using as a defense that “We had no choice but to break the law!” is weak and amateurish at best. I would expect more from someone purporting to want to be a lawyer. I did like when Hazuki was handed the papers regarding Adnimoon’s piracy, she acquitted herself quite well and I felt she was acting like a professional, even if the information was on speed rush through the proceedings. Really this trial could have been a two-parter, and when they cut the series short at 11, why not just make that 12th episode? You could climax this half of the trial with them at their lowest point, but then Hazuki has a plan, cliffhanger!

The Black Ganymede stuff did not end as I anticipated.  It ended much, much sillier.  You’ll have to watch the episode for details, it can only be seen. But when I suggested that the pirates would save the girls at the last minute, try to backstab them, but the girls outsmart them and the pirates laugh it off? That was Oscar material compared to what we got.  I just…I am flummoxed, there is no comparison to make here. They just tried to write them out of the story as fast as their little typing fingers could make them leave. No matter how forced that interaction was.

There was really no climax to this story. It just kind of…stopped.  I am disappoint. Sure, the family is more or less back together…but there was nothing regarding the fuel source. Just, “Oh, I can make it in buttloads. BEGIN THE BUTT SHOVELING!”  I take it, the Galileo is making its rounds around the world to bring the new energy to the people?

This was an island of obnoxious in an otherwise relatively entertaining second half.  It’s a pity it has to be the finale. I would have loved to end this on a strong note like Episode 7 or 9.

All that’s left for this show? My series review. And since Galilei Donna ended first, it will probably be up first. I’ll see you all then.


Did I miss something?

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