Outbreak Comapny: Episode 10

The sheer power of that chest would have blinded you anyway, Shinichi.


Another light comedy episode.  Curse you Outbreak Comapny for raising my hopes and dashing them just as instantly.

There were consequences from the soccer game to be discussed.  Really? HONTOUNI?!?!?

Nope. Just that some soldier made a cam recording of the soccer match…and the video was leaked online. Now the public is learning about Eldant.

But Shinichi has a plan. And it is brilliant. They will use the cover of filming a movie to conceal the fantasy world. Standard fare.

The brilliance of his plan is that it will be SO full of copyright infringement that when they leak more footage the project will be “forced” to cancel. With Petrarca basically playing the role of every magical girl ever, with heavy influence from Madoka.

So, while in Eldant, you might as well use your resources, using real magic as special effects, and the like.  Minori, placed in the director’s chair, and getting a bit of a power trip (which was adorable, by the way) goes on a quest to fetch a real dragon. Which she inadvertently angers by spraying antiperspirants.

There was a genuine action moment when, in the course of filming, the real dragon returns, and while the Eldantans try to come up with a defense, the JSDF springs into action, basically wowing the crowd with their impressive modern day firepower.  It’s probably safe to assume from the reactions of the “Dragon Tamer” and Galius, this is a rare feat that their foreign allies managed to drive the monster away, reminiscent of a kaiju movie.

Really it wasn’t a big episode. I’m a bit disappointed in two fluffy ones back to back. I was genuinely hoping drama would get its turn again.  But this was basically the tribute to media production. It’s hard to make that important.

There was a nice moment where Petrarca thanks Shinichi for “giving her a wonderful dream”. But it feels like we should be past this with so few episodes left. It felt like we were retreading the same ground.  Nothing this week that truly wowed me as this show has in the past.

Did I miss something?

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