Strike the Blood: Episode 11

Not lying, am kind of loving it.


After two weeks of slow motion plot doctoring, this week Strike the Blood felt like a real action series.  There were fights, even if they weren’t the best realized ones, and most of the dialogue was restricted to shit you might actually give a damn about.

I do really like the Aldegyr’s looks, both Kanase and La Folia have very striking features.  Sure it’s played up for the ecchi, but at least I am entertained visually.  Just something about the ice blue eyes, I think, with the white hair that makes them ethereal looking.  Perhaps it is empathy as someone who also cannot be in flash photography because I glow…

Really this week blew by, there was motion and story and character development and all that wonderful stuff that makes an actual series.  Mind, meeting La Folia is a little forced. Really, Himeragi, you’re going to take a bath without even telling Kojo you’re going out? No excuse about patrol? On a deserted island that you don’t even have the least bit charted.  I will say this, and it’s a strength of this series, even though Yukina is stuck up on harem nonsense, that is, obviously loving the hero but not once admitting to it because that might force us to write something interesting, Yukina’s expressions, dialogue, and acting are exceptional at conveying a teenage girl who, for the life of her, can’t figure out why she has feelings for this guy. I suppose it’s too late to warn her that it’s some lazy script gods.

But really this should have been part 2.  Nothing would have been lost if you compressed the previous two weeks into one to set up for this episode. 

After catching “girl who looks like a bigger Kanase” bathing, and losing her, Yukina and Kojo are visited by automatons from the nefarious MagusCraft organization.  La Folia arrives, dealing with them quite handily, and soon the bad guys are planning to launch Kanase at Kojo and company.  We find out that she is a Faux Angel, a human artificially engineered to be divine (I feel like I can sue for copyright infringement here..).

Oh, minor note, busty blonde evil businesswoman actually pays attention to what her super science adviser tells her. People acting rationally! I love it! She asks how to control Kanase, and is met with a simple “You can’t control her. That’s a pipe dream.”  Rather than doing the usual bad guy trope of telling him MAKE IT WORK OR ELSE, she instead laments that the project has therefore been a failure.  See, she wants to use Kanase as a weapon, and her final test is against the Fourth Progenitor, Akatsuki Kojo. If she can’t be a super soldier, she will have to suffice as a WMD.

And throughout, we see our heroes friends trying to trail them.  It’s good that they aren’t just sitting back home waiting for them to get back twiddling their thumbs the whole time.

La Folia reveals her ancestry and that of Kanase.  Heavy stuff, the usual kind of DRAMA! thing you’d expect.  But other than insisting on being on a first name basis with Kojo (and also Yukina), there wasn’t any harem bullshit.  Holy fuck what am I watching?

I don’t mean to complain, but really? Is this the same show? We’ve had good episodes of Strike the Blood before. So I’ll cautiously look forward to the coming week’s episode.


Did I miss something?

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