Announcements: 12/17

Just a little bit of a news post.

This week’s Outbreak Comapny, Galilei Donna, and Strike the Blood will be up tonight. If I still feel motivated I will also add in today’s new Machine Doll, just to keep myself on tab.

The end of the season is coming up on us soon, so I wanted to speak to the schedule and discuss the line-up for Winter.

Series Recaps and Summary Posts.

First, if you’ll recall way, way back in my first posts, once the Autumn season ends around New Year’s, we will not only switch into the Winter season, but also throughout the months of January, February, and March I will be posting series synopses of all the shows we’ve been covering this fall. Yes, that includes BlazBlue, even though it was dropped.

Because they are ongoing during Winter 2014, KILL la KILL and Strike the Blood will not be getting such recaps.

In all likelihood…I will continue with KILL la KILL, it gives me plenty to talk about, but Strike the Blood has just about worn out its welcome. I do not regret taking the series on, as I said, I mostly want things to talk about, but Strike the Blood is wearing into that “I am just saying the same crap over and over” syndrome. I can finish this season but unless there is an amazing transformation at the midpoint, I don’t see myself being able to contribute anything meaningful to the discussion about that series.  That is the most likely scenario, in which case I will give a half-assed attempt at a recap on Strike the Blood at the end of the current arc, come that episode 12 or episode 15.

Scheduling for Winter 2014

I am considering a new way to adopt series on this blog.  By Christmas I will finalize my choices, but this season, for whatever reason, has made me flop.

Perhaps it is because, now that I feel a responsibility to these shows to continue, and feel overwhelmed by the idea of watching something new and catching up, I just feel the series changes more “significantly” than I did when I was just doing it for fun.  Perhaps I HAVE dropped as many series in the past, and picked up way more new ones than I gave myself credit for, but really the only series that has pleased me this season is KILL la KILL (Galilei Donna has more or less redeemed itself to me but that first half…that awful first half…) I regret not picking up Log Horizon (which I am watching but not reviewing) in favor of ANY of the other five shows. I feel like I could have made a bigger contribution to the fan community on Coppelion or Nagi no Asakara or EVEN Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai (maybe that last one is an exaggeration, but at least I have my years as a wrestling fan to fall back on when I need word count).

On the one hand, how do I balance not JUST reviewing nonsense I’d rather not watch, with watching stuff I would actually like to see?  And how can one make this determination in the early weeks?

But how is that really any different from how we normally engage in series selection? You see a box art, a blurb description on the back, maybe some air quotes of reviews. And based on that you make your selection of what to rent (or buy, or whatever).  Sometimes you regret it, other times you don’t.  Just this season was a miss, two wins (generously calling Galilei Donna a win), and four losses.  The reverse, if you’ll recall, of last season.  But even I did still enjoy Danganronpa in the summer, and never felt weighed down by Fantasista Doll like I do Strike the Blood or Machine Doll.

Right now I am considering committing to three series before the season starts (one of which is already consumed by KILL la KILL), and keeping two “optional” slots open for pilots I enjoy in the first week (then again, I had favorable opinions of the STB and UMD pilots).  A possible change, I’m still getting my legs on this whole blog critic nonsense. The Lineup will be posted by/on Christmas Day.

But I can assure as of right now we will be covering Space Dandy. I am somewhat hesitant to take on a big series like that side by side with the second half of KILL la KILL, but I would hate myself for not getting in on the ground floor =P Consider that your preview for the line up.

As Always, Many Thanks

I am grateful for the positive attention you guys have given me.  I still consider myself some asshole on the internet, but I get the warm fuzzies whenever one of you argues with me, or endorses my opinion, or links me to some very big name sites. I have only been doing this one season, but so many likes and followers is what keeps me trudging through the nonsense I inadvertently stepped into three months ago.  So thank you all, many times. I will strive to live up to that little star icon.


Did I miss something?

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