Double Feature: Strike the Blood: Episodes 9 + 10



I don’t mean to forget Strike the Blood. Really, I don’t. But it is neither as bad as Galilei Donna was, nor as interesting as KILL la KILL has been. It is, in a word, average.  It isn’t so bad that I consider it train-wreck worthy, but it isn’t good enough to make me interested. And so, I forget… (For those wondering, yes, Unbreakable Machine Doll has the same problem).  Highlight of this problem? I had to look up what day Strike the Blood airs. I’ve forgotten. That is how little I care about this series. It is mediocrity that I would have just abandoned long ago if left to my own devices. But I promised, so here it is.

I will say one thing for Akatsuki Kojo’s character, his sense of humility is excellently crafted. It is rare that I truly feel that a protagonist doubts themselves, despite the fact that they are brimming with power, and here it is done expertly. There were scenes in both episodes that displayed this perfectly, such as on the island in Episode 10 when Kojo is thinking about other people. It seems to stem not from just compassion, though he certainly has that, but from a lack of sense of his own self worth. I appreciate that.  And episode 9 was full of harem nonsense, and it was on full display there.

But that was a big problem with episode 9. Harem nonsense. Episode 10 was more restrained. It wasn’t as bad, at least.

So we have a blonde haired, big busted lady with red eyes beating the hell out of everything with a spear.  Oh, and she’s divine somehow.  Yeah I think I’m gonna like her. Too bad this amazing, eye catching introduction had no bearing on the rest of the episode. Strike the Blood is odd. It has very well executed action elements, but only mediocre, at best, harem elements. And it chooses to focus on the harem nonsense.

And, again, can we PUHLEASE get some new demon designs? This discount donkey kong stuff has got to stop!

At least episode 10 had more movement.  I enjoyed it more, but not by much. This show is just a chore. While I did drop BlazBlue because of the sameness week after week, this series is the same, only it isn’t atrociously executed. It’s not bad enough to drop, but not good enough to love.

We get an episode where we meet the girl from the theme with blue eyes and silver hair. She also is an orphan and has a litter of kittens in a ruined cathedral.  This is episode 9 people.

So, in short, the girl with bright blue eyes and silver hair has magical powers. Wow. Glad I didn’t see that coming.

Okay, step up from the grey for one more compliment.  The scene where supposed-Kanase rips out the other angel’s organs? Extremely effective.  Disconcerting, and gory, in a show that has until this point been very tame with its violence on the whole.  That was without a doubt the best moment of these past two weeks, just because for once something seemed to be happening.  But it’ll have to last you. The rest of these two episodes seems like its on slow motion.

I’m not even going to get into the details of how the harem nonsense annoyed me these two weeks.  It just did. A lot. I’ll spare you the minutia.

If this post seems disinterested and lazy and like I couldn’t give a crap about these characters anymore, it’s only because I don’t. Not even Natsuki and Astarte can cheer up my bad mood.

Did I miss something?

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