KILL la KILL: Episode 10

Yuri goggles: FULL BLAST!


Well…this episode…this episode.

There was a double meaning, I think, in the episode title this week (“I want to Know More about You”). The most obvious was Inumuta, and his data collection. Ryuko even took an extremely self-aware swipe at the whole “I have analyzed your moves!” type of villain she ended up against.

But then the surprise. Inumuta is beaten before the commercial. Wow.  Defeated by a…Senketsu-flyswatter? That was unexpected.

And then our second meeting. Jakuzure. Sanegeyama is already sure that she will get her ass kicked, but Jakuzure will not be deterred.  We’ve known for a while that Jakuzure has been by Satsuki’s side the longest. This week we saw its form.


So, let’s do the math here. “My relationship to Satsuki is different from the rest of you.”  “I have always wanted to hold your hand.”  Oh! Let’s not forget. Satsuki delivers her kindergarten ultimatum to Jakuzure ON THE MONKEY BARS.

Really, the fact that our hero is using scissors to fight is so old news alongside all of this.

And that brings us back to our title. “I want to know more about you.”

Throughout the episode…we have been shown incidents of even the Elite Four not understanding Satsuki’s motivations.  Hell, the reset tournament and battle royale itself was a strange idea to them.  And Satsuki has been eerily silent this entire time.  Does Jakuzure understand that her feelings are (possibly) unrequited? Maybe. Does she have a crazy yandere angle in her brain that she has “rights” to Satsuki that others don’t? Also maybe.  The imagery between the pair of Satsuki and Jakuzure was so poignant this week, screenshot included. It says so many wonderful things about them.  And we see the parallels with Ryuko and Mako.  Looking down on high, as something that needs protecting.  Are Satsuki and Jakuzure just many years removed from the Ryuko/Mako relationship?  And yes, we were confirmed this week! Only Mako calms Ryuko down.  Just seeing her.


If I may posit a theory: Satsuki has been so inactive that I think there’s a specific reason: She is testing her empire. Remember my Nobunaga parallel: Not just peace in our time, but lasting peace.  How does her empire stand without her? How does it stand amidst chaos.  Will it only take one sailor suit punk to take it down in her absence?  This may ultimately be nonsense, I’m sure there are plot points that we are not privy to that truly guide her motivations, but as of right now it’s where my thoughts lie.

Speaking of plot points, it seems that Nude Beach is making its move.  Senketsu evolves into a jet form to fight, prompting Mikisugi to call Kinagase. It’s time. Apparently, and this is part the dialogue and part what we take away from it, Kamui evolve. They grow, and learn. I presume there are situations in the past, some kamui taking over its host and raining ruin on the world, and Ryuko has rushed that progression.  We close on Kinagase headed back towards Honnouji Academy (the academy that exists to burn?).

This was a great episode. I am excited to see the end of the fight with Jakuzure, and poignant observation from Satsuki.

Did I miss something?

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