Outbreak Company: Episode 9

Hey, I’d spy on that chest, too.


Well, Outbreak Company’s beach episode was more effective than BlazBlue’s.  But that isn’t exactly high praise?  Also, I am adopting Shinichi’s habit. The next time my girlfriend and I end up on the ocean I am referring to it as “the beach episode”.

We had another of the “light” episodes this week.  And I am STILL perplexed as to how these literacy classes are even working, still.

The set up for the beach episode was…typically silly. The agency was contractually obligated to spend its vacation days. What a very Japanese concept.

Our primary source of drama came from the council of wise men trying to design a swimsuit for Petrarca.  Everything else was…meh.  The great part about the wise men scenes was that no one outright said it. They didn’t need to, so they didn’t bother.  And that makes it ten times funnier. No one wants to USE any variation on the term “loli”, in referring to Petrarca and her….body type…but it’s there. Every scene. And it’s amazing.

It was a cute surprise when Petrarca herself seems to have forgotten about it all on her own, simply calling it the most comfortable swimsuit ever.

The only other thing to take away from this one was that almost never is the reality as fun as the fantasy construct.  As someone with a…deviant romantic life I can tell you that that is definitely true the first time.

The BRIEF moment when it looked like shit got real, and Minori showed her professionalism was wonderful.  It added a new layer to her. We saw her punch the crap out of the bad guys way back in episode 3, but it hasn’t been on display since. She always acts more like a military secretary, but this week, functioning as bodyguard and security agent, she was in top form.  It only makes her death eyes at the hapless soldiers all the more terrifying…

But overall, this was a simple, jovial week.  Almost like an obligation of the series.  Which, hey, maybe is true.


One thought on “Outbreak Company: Episode 9

  1. Can’t say I’m too fond of beach episodes, since basically 99% of them are unfunny fanservice/filler. At least outbreak company tried to shake it up a little, for which I’m grateful, but I’ll skip this episode if I ever re-watch it.

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