KILL la KILL: Episode 9

That is the LEAST effective ball gag I have ever seen…


The first of the Elite Four was this week: Our loveable masochist Gamagoori. KILL la KILL has “devolved” into a straight up shonen punch-em-up.  Obviously the quotes are there because I don’t think this represents any slip in quality, just that we now know what to expect from the rest of this season (which if you are doing our math ends in the “final” confrontation with Satsuki).

On the whole the action was good.  It featured a very logical resolution based on the fighting we have seen from this show thus far.  It was very Yu-Yu Hakusho in that regard, where even among our supernatural powers, there was logic and simple practicality that won matches over, such as when Yusuke reflected his Rei Gun off a mirror.  But we’ll get into that more later.

This introduction did an amazing job getting you pumped up. KILL la KILL’s transformation sequences are amazing, and no I don’t mean the flesh on display. I mean that they are simultaneously over the top, yet badass at the same time.  And then the rug gets pulled out from under us, along with Ryuko.  Effective.

Mikisugi interrupts Ryuko’s fun with Mako.  And I have to say, while they basically rehashed the pair’s relationship, there is a moment where Ryuko says “Put Mako back to normal. Talking to her makes me feel way better than dealing with you.”  There was something inherently bitter, yet touching in that moment that made it probably the highlight of this episode for me, strange as that sounds.

And we are introduced to Gamagoori’s armor…the Shibari Regalia.

Also (you can see it in the screenshot this week), I love how the flashbacks are not only sepia, but in 4:3. It adds this cute little “INTO THE PAST” detail.  Satsuki’s personality is emerging more.  If she does end up teaming with Ryuko at the halfway point, it is only sense that they start to leak out hints of her “true” intentions as these fights progress.

I’m not sure how I like the Wolverine Outfit…it’s a little…excessive in a show about being excessive.

The fight is what you’d expect, more or less. Except for one little thing. Probably nothing. But Mikisugi is shown to wield his sewing pins this week.  So Satsuki uses thread and needles, Ryuko wields scissors, which cut fabric.  And Mikisugi with pins…is there a metaphor here that Nude Beach is using?

Next week…am I interpreting that preview properly? Does one of the elite four have a little crush on our resident foul mouth?

Did I miss something?

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