Galilei Donna: Episode 8

Keep doing what you’re doing, baby.


This week’s Galilei Donna….it wasn’t good, exactly.  Or rather, not what you’d probably come to Galilei Donna expecting.  But it wasn’t bad.  It was mostly a holding action of slice-of-life antics.  Which, if we could take all of the previous episodes on merit, would make this a much needed break.  But you’ll recall, I found episodes 5 and 6 to be the worst this season.  But, let’s just presume you didn’t find those trite bullshit.  We have come off of, in sequence, child death, mass shooting in a hospital, and bitter defeat at the hands of Adnimoon and Roberto.  This week’s slice of life stuff with the girl’s grandfather in Kyoto would be a much needed breather before the death and despair gets the better of us.  But I can’t help but feel, with this show having JUST found its footing, that one more display of that excellent work last week would give us enough to hang on to.

ON TOP OF THAT, adding to this episode, and as of late this show’s, competence, the whole reason Anna diverted the girls in the first place is that she knows Roberto will kill them once Adnimoon, whom it turns out know about the sketches and artifacts already, see no more use for them.  Anna, while trying not to be outright defiant to her superiors, is stalling for time.  I found that excellent development on her path back to the good guys.  But the way things have been going…who knows? Maybe she won’t actually make that heel-face turn.

She wasn’t the only one who got the positive end of character development.  Hozuki put her engineering skills to great use.  Still a bit mary sue, but they were for a good cause this time beyond “Teehee, aren’t I so kawaii?”  Kazuki had a small bit in her knowing how to cook.  I liked it. It’s a very self-reliant skill that fits in with Kazuki’s kuudere “leave me alone” personality.

The only real plot-related development came in the form of the Ganymede making its move to the side of our heroines.  And yet! In that scene, where Cicinho and Hazuki are talking on the bridge, it had a good character moment for both of them.  We’ve known that Cicinho has a good heart and high ideals.  But it was great to see him encourage Hazuki all the same, even if it meant her being in danger.  He wants her to come to him on his own merits and her own designs, not because he pressures her into it.  That was good. Not thrilled he didn’t protest that they’ll be killed if they keep fighting, but you win some, you lose some.  Now Hazuki, it was excellent seeing her reflecting on the fact that her stubborn ideology nearly got what was left of her family killed.  But what bothers me about this scene was that nothing actually happened.  It has traces of that Galilei Donna we’ve come to know and hate.

Also WHY IS KAZUKI THE ONLY ONE WITH WINTER APPROPRIATE ATTIRE? It seems odd to me that they’re all just casually strolling about the city for hours in obviously freezing temperatures with the barest of Italian summer wear.  Especially you, Hazuki.

Standard slice of life stuff, tour Kyoto, give grandpa a new reactor.  You know. Normal things.  Next week will have to be more engaging, but at least this week was executed competently.


Did I miss something?

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