Strike the Blood: Episode 8

“So, McGilla Gorilla is a terrorist?”


Our blurb this week comes courtesy of my girlfriend watching over my shoulder. But, demons aside, this Strike the Blood was a satisfying conclusion and interesting combat.  Curious villains and a chance for our heroes to act heroic. This episode was satisfactory in its delivery of the elements, on the whole quite solid.

At least so far as the good half of Strike the Blood goes.

Yes, our harem antics were in full swing. Including the character established to have homosexual feelings for Yukina getting wrapped up in the blushing over Kojo. Because why the hell not.

I know, I know, schoolgirl romances and all that.  Still this show can crawl up its own ass and die already.  Am I too bipolar this week? Maybe that’s because the episode was bipolar.

The action stuff works so well.  Way better than Machine Doll this season and (most of) Galilei Donna.  But, throughout it all, we have harem nonsense.  But this is the same point I’ve belabored throughout the season.  I only continue to keep bringing it up because this week strayed from “Not my cup of tea, I’ll suffer through it” and went full on “Why can’t I drop this show?”  It was that annoying.Now, we defeated our terrorist cell…

Side note: This week is a great example of why sometimes, you have to make aliens/demons that look mostly-human.  Because sometimes, trying to make them bestial just doesn’t work. The designs for these demons is variations on a theme, and they look awful.  Just awful. See top of the page.

Anyway, I am still confused, is our terrorist cell anarchist? It seems that way.  But their plan is excellent.  They rationalize that even if the First Progenitor can destroy one of their little tank weapons, that the rest can destabilize the kingdom enough that it would break the Masquerade (or whatever this “treaty” ultimately dictates), and force the Human organizations such as Lion’s King to take action to contain the demons within.  Again, it’s a solid plan from these guys, even if the fact they were able, as anarchist terrorists, to acquire a small army of mechanized god-weapons seems suspect.  But let that slide, they seemed, on paper, to be well thought out.

And Vatler is our new ambassador. How quaint. Glad we saw that coming.

Kojo has a new familiar. Two girls down, seven more to bed drink blood from.  I like the bitching fire horse.  I also like how it basically blows apart the floating island when its instructions were “get this debris out of the way”.  Rather effective and, call me silly, realistic way of using your ethereal superweapon.

At least Natsuki made an appearance this week.  Good things still remain.


Did I miss something?

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