Galilei Donna: Episode 7

Too little. Too late.


I believe my blurb is an excellent summary this week.  Galilei Donna finally managed an episode that at least seemed like a real show.  Actions had consequences which sparked new actions. Everything within the episode flowed perfectly and mostly stuck to continuity to drive its actions, rather than what might just “be cool” this week.

We finally learned the truth about the Galileo Tesoro.  It is an energy source, and the source of Hozuki’s immense power discharges when faced with intense emotion. Which is why Adnimoon wants it: To maintain their energy monopoly.  It’s rather Captain Planet-ish in its cartoonish simplicity, but hey, it gives a firm motivation to the company.  Maybe not its agents…more on that later…but we can accept it.  The mood this week was definitely “pessimism”, particularly when the Ferrari girls get ambushed by Adnimoon and Roberto.

Hazuki was in fine form.  She was upbeat, energetic, and optimistic (perhaps a little too much so).  This also led her to be stubborn beyond the point of reason, pretty much willing to throw her life and her sisters’ lives away on a crazy quest to save the world.  Kazuki’s still the reluctant one for reasons unknown, but this week was much more natural.  She still fought with her sisters, but when it became obvious that they had lost, only then does she give in to placating the enemy so they’ll be left alone.  She seems this week, less of a hormonal brat in denial to the point of crazy, and is actually written closer to what I believe their intent was: that of a girl who just doesn’t care, so doesn’t want to stick her neck out. And Hozuki…it’s rather odd still to watch a 13 year old girl going through puberty in the middle of this mess.  Maybe I am just too much of a pervert, but her going on about feeling things while alone reading about love and…we’ll just not think about that too hard, now.

One feature I will give Galilei Donna credit for is the way they handle the Ferrari girls being runaways and underdogs.  It is one of the credits I also give Naruto. These shows actually treat their underdog heroes LIKE underdogs.  Thus far the Ferraris have gotten away from the enemy by virtue of luck, and most often, Black Ganymede intervening on their behalf.  But when it comes down to a coordinated ambush by Adnimoon, the Ferraris don’t stand a chance.  And I like that. They fight, and fight to the bitter end, but the truth is that it is too much for them in their little homemade ship. They can’t take on a full fledged corporate war machine. And thus they lose.

Roberto’s turn of face, even when Kazuki gives him the Tesoro, was a little surprising. Mostly in the character sense. I didn’t actually think the Ferraris would die. But maybe Anna? Still. I didn’t see him just up and quitting while ahead, especially after all that nonsense last week with him needlessly murdering innocents to prove he was a bad guy. And this is why you don’t go over the top with the mustache twirling, it ruins our perceptions of characters you want to have dimensions.

But Roberto didn’t get everything. The Ferraris still have the maps.  And they will follow them to the bitter end.  Not to win, even, but just to hurt Adnimoon in some way.  There must be something at the end, and from the bitterness of defeat (and a rather effective, bitter defeat it was), the girls have a grim, noble, and headstrong determination to see their quest through.  They might be down, but they aren’t out.

I guess, on the whole…I really did like this episode. It was extremely refreshing to not be filled with the bile at seeing it. It wasn’t fantastic, but I was genuinely interested the whole way through. The dialogue is better, the pacing is better, and we lacked complete predictability. There is no Anna Timer this week, because there were surprises.

There may even be enough time to save this series from being a complete failure, but I don’t hold my breath.

Oh, and we got confirmation Anna was working for Adnimoon. Big shocker. I guess there was a little nonsense but I don’t think this moment really gave us the “shock” they were planning. It was more of a “oh, finally, they’re letting us in”.  It’s only with this more complete picture that the show is at least making some coherent sense. I’m grateful for that. Maybe if we are lucky, this will end up like another Nanoha and the final half will be remembered as the “real” series and the first half dozen will be generally ignored.


Did I miss something?

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