Outbreak Company: Episode 7

I’m not…I’m not sure how to interpret this image…


This will be a short entry, as this week’s Outbreak Company was sorely light and fluffy.

In an effort to thwart my carefully laid plans, the most interesting moment this week came in the opening minutes.  Shinichi is upset that his lesson plans are being delayed because of mis-identification of his orders for stuff. Anyone who has tried to buy someone a present for a show you personally do not watch will share the pain.

But that’s not the interesting part. The curious moment was Matoba going out of his way to discourage Shinichi from bringing Miusel along for the ride back to Japan.  He even went out of his way to lie that doing so would kill her. Imagine that.  No hints as to what Matoba is trying to do yet, this cockteasing is a little tired now. We need some movement from Matoba for us to care what he’s up to.

The rest plays like one of those episodes of Inuyasha where the title character came to the modern world a handful of times.  You know the story, it plays the same.  Shinichi drags Miusel around where she is amazed by what we consider simple things.

I did like the moment in our B plot, which was really just Petrarca cut-away.  After getting caught up on her work, her promised reward of hanging out with Shinichi can’t deliver because he’s in Japan, obviously.  Again, it was rather subtle, but this may be the first time we haven’t seen Petrarca make even the vaguest of tsun-tsun comments when met with disappointment. She simply sighs, and dejected, goes to her room.  Her advisers wince in anticipation, but the anger never comes. Only a quiet admission of defeat as she walks by.  It was a very pretty moment.

Done? Right then. Back to the sexual tension and panty shots without panties.


Not a very impressive outing this week.  I guess it would be better if you REALLY like Outbreak Comapny’s style of humor.  But, I personally don’t relate, so I don’t care.


Did I miss something?

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