Strike the Blood: Episode 7

That…uh…de-escalated quickly…


Strike the Blood maintains its pattern of rather safe action with a couple unique twists.

First, props to the terrorists’ plans.  Send the activation code out to any codebreaker who would listen, and once someone deciphers it, activate the super weapon, THEN tell them to get you the control portion of the codes if they don’t want millions to die. It really removes most of the “how did you know they would do such and such?” questions from the equation. This of course all presumes they sent out to all the…um…scores of mercenary codebreakers…yeah….beforehand.  Still, it’s a solid plan, not perfect but simple, the kind of stuff any terrorist would employ because sometimes the simple ideas work best.

There was a thankful lack of harem bullshit this week. I know some people have referred to this series as “Strike the Dick” but frankly, it is no worse than any other show.  Naruto and Bleach would be the same way if there was more than one female lead character. But there usually aren’t, so that stuff is avoided.  No big. And they’re high schoolers. Christ. Am I the only person who remembers high school and all the crushing (as in, crushing on) drama that followed you everywhere? Or am I supposed to believe good girls didn’t masturbate or think about boys until they were 22? A-hahahaha. Nope, sorry, hard luck.

As the great Alfred Hitchcock once said; “What is drama, but life with the dull bits cut out?” Now, personally, I find all that teenage romance angst dull bits.  But just because the show chooses to focus on it doesn’t mean they aren’t acting any different from people I remember in high school or even college.

I just find it boring. Admittedly, it is less boring here than in Unbreakable Machine Doll because I actually like Kojo as a character. He has flaws, but strengths. Angelic and demonic, side by side (no puns intended here).  It MAY be a little odd that such an apparent loser at traditional life is getting SO MUCH attention, but I’ve known (and dated) weirder circumstances of odd attraction.

Are we done with that disclaimer? Yeah. Bullshit on the lesbian getting sucked into this nonsense, too.

But Vatler emerged as an antagonistic force this week. That was quicker than I anticipated.  Though he came off less as an antagonist and more like a hoity-toity bureaucratic oaf who couldn’t help but swing his weight around.

Also, MORE ASTARTE! She’s way too adorable. I want to see her go all-out at the conclusion of this mini-arc. Please? It would be so sexy.

I was surprised at the abrupt reset. We shifted from the ambush into terrorist kidnapping within about sixty seconds. That was pretty odd. Part of an emerging pattern, too. Not EVERY cliffhanger from Strike the Blood ends this way, but a good number do, right down to the very first one.  I don’t like it. The Vatler cliffhanger wasn’t so rug-pully because anyone who has seen an anime before knew Vatler was just testing Kojo, but this has to stop. Stop introducing interesting concepts that don’t go anywhere. Make them play a part of the larger story!

But aside from that, pretty standard shifting of the set pieces. Our terrorists came out into the open, love interest 2 and sister are dragged into the mystical world, and, very interesting to see by the way, turns out little sis has her own demonic powers to share with the class. Ghost who possessed her dead body? Medium? Latent priestess powers? I’d like to find out, but don’t expect this show to tell me right away.

But that’s okay, so long as the fight is interesting next week.


Did I miss something?

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