Outbreak Company: Episode 5

So if werewolves don’t have fun they just murder people? Cute.


I know, I apologize, Outbreak Company has fallen behind the other reviews.  This isn’t by design, I just found myself dreading having to sit through the awful first halves of the episodes.  I didn’t expect to be disappointed by the second halves so much, but the horribleness of the opening minutes is never a way to work on a good mood.

NaNoWriMo distracted me, as well, for what that’s worth.

Also, LOVING the elf girls in class.  Though I fear Shinichi starting a war with otaku (only half kidding about that)

But, in actuality…this week’s opening half wasn’t as bad as previous weeks.  It actually reinforced the theme of time passing.  Otaku culture has spread in Eldant, and in a big way.  It still feels like it lies on the outskirts, or perhaps just as a new fad, but Shinichi has definitely been making headway.

Of course, this was also the only real purpose of episode 5. So it’s a mixed bag. We didn’t get the normal dose of obnoxious otaku humor (I found the student arguments amusing, and a little heartwarming they’re coming around despite Shinichi’s…..less than professional methodology), but we also didn’t have a great set of drama.  So take what you will.

Elbia’s werewolf nature was on display, as well.  I admit the creepy yandere angle was sweet…too bad it simply led to harem nonsense instead of a showdown with guards. These things happen I guess.

So…yeah. I think I’ve said all I can about this episode.  I wish there was more to add, but it was very thematic, essentially relying a lot on variations of the same scene for half the screentime.  And, after last week, I did like the “Will you be teaching BL today?” running gag.  But really this week felt like time filler.  But it’s not filler really leading us anywhere, it seems.  Hopefully I’m proven wrong by that.  Even barring the fact last time was a double-post, I much prefer the weeks I can’t stop talking about this show, its strengths and its faults.


Did I miss something?

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