Galilei Donna: Episode 5



Do you want to kill a good mood? Good. Start with Galilei Donna.

Finish with Galilei Donna.

We’re going to play a game from now on.  The game is: How long did it take Anna to predict the end of this week’s episode?

This week clocks in at 6:46.  Impressive, they just about doubled from last week.  Mind, I didn’t KNOW that until about 9:00 in.  What a story.

Last week I forgave the -characters-, even if I found it impossible to hide my disgust with the writers.  This week? No such luck. “WE MUST FIND A CHURCH!”  Then, WHILE SITTING INSIDE A CHURCH, they plan their search for the church. Where could it possibly be?!?!?!?! I figured they had noticed the stain glass windows and rows of piers…I had assumed they noticed already.  Instead, at that 9:00 mark, they said they were STILL looking for it, even though they’d been there for a good while.

WHO is that stupid? WHO I ASK YOU?!?!?

Oh, the rebel leader double crossed the rebels.  I think I’ve seen this episode of Fullmetal Alchemist before.

The one thing I did not see: Child death. I pegged this series as way too insubstantial to try and pull it off.  Also, the ending theme is way off putting less than ten frames from their bodies vaporizing in fire. That was a nice way to play with my expectations. I’m glad, that there is this one tiny frame where the series did something interesting.

I also didn’t predict Hozuki’s little moon-medallion fish-thing going off, but that was only a “this specific episode” prediction, we figured it was coming at some point.  The fact the promo for this series calls the Ferrari sisters “three moons” left little to imagination about the fact they have some hidden nature to unlock.

Okay…I can lift my head from the hate just long enough to say this: This week was not horrible.  I can’t quite call it “good”, primarily because of the aforementioned MAIN CHARACTER RETARDATION that defies all logical explanation.  On a general 1-10 scale….I’d clock this a 3.5.  Lots of room for improvement, not eye-gougingly desperate to escape its grasp, though.

If nothing else, this week had excellent pacing.  I’m really scraping for compliments, here, but I didn’t feel like I was being dragged through this week kicking and screaming.  Even if stupid was the primary ingredient, I was able to stay locked on the movement.  Probably because this week was more focused.  And…there was no Kazuki acting like an eight year old.

And the big strength was, sad to say, the child death.  Hozuki didn’t get to leave after saving the colony, “We’ll meet again someday, boy I clicked with remarkably well.”  Nope. She tried to, but the harsh reality was that it was beyond her power. And that part of the episode was excellent.  Her bonding with the boy (whose name escapes me and I don’t feel obligated to look up) wasn’t…awful…either, it was competent, for what it was. It was quite natural, and I was relieved.

Too bad this was all the side plot.  The A-plot, searching for the scrolls, was far, far less competent.  In all of the nonsense regarding “WHERE DO WE FIND A CHURCH?!?!” I’m starting to think Anna and Kazuki might have had lobotomies while we weren’t watching.  Hazuki did nothing of consequence except feel indignant that OTHER people are getting in on the “unfairly targeted by Adnimoon” bus.  And if there’s anything that would piss Hazuki off, it’s knowing that someone was way more hipster than her.  To say nothing of the fact the search starts with everyone but Hozuki, but then ends up that Hozuki finds it on her own without prompting.  It was…disjointed.  Like the adults were just there to say “We haven’t technically forgotten about them.”

Guys, it’s OKAY to focus on different characters from time to time!

So I’m not as full of the burning bile as last week. This week wasn’t insulting, as much as it was disappointing.


Did I miss something?

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