Strike the Blood: Episode 6






Sorry…I think my brain just exploded.

Uh, where were we?

Right! The vampire party…well I was not expected Yukina to have a lesbian love interest just appear at the party. In the service of another vampire, nonetheless. Her loyalty to Vatler seems superficial, at best, so I’m sure she’ll be switching sides for her precious Yukina-chan if the need to fight him ever arises.

Still, good on, mates.  The confrontation was simple, but struck the right chord of informative, casual, and menacing that we needed out of a scene featuring the confrontation between the island’s two strongest vampires.

I was very intrigued by the idea that vampires try to carry on romances with those who acquire their old lovers. It is literally beyond “til death do us part”.  Are they successful? It seems they might be. Kojo is, still, mostly Human in his sensibilities.  But for older vampires who see their loves taken over and over, well, maybe those relationships carry on for “generations”. I’d like to imagine so.

So verdict? I liked Vatler. I liked him a lot. It seemed a little unnecessarily mustache-twirly that he will destroy the island if he can’t get his target. I don’t think anyone would approve of the vampire kingdoms destroying an entire demon district.  But I feel there might be more to it than just his objective, and he’s really just trying to twist Kojo and Yukina’s arm.  Still, on the whole, he had a SUPER introduction! …that was terrible, I apologize for my humor.

And Natsuki/Astarte scenes just became….like….200% cooler.


I feel more reinforced in my belief that Natsuki is here mostly as a check on Kojo.  In case Japan wants him eliminated.

Sayaka fight was well timed. It’s about time for designated romance rival to find the truth. Consequences? Who knows. Probably more harem bullshit.  But at least things will be advancing.


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